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Hello DIY’ers! Today we have a very special post. The author of today’s post is our special guest Laura Opazo (check out her blog HERE). She is a stylist for TV productions and the commercial chief of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. If you live in Spain, you probably have seen her at her TV show “Moda reto” and “Que regalo” at Canal de Casa. I discovered Laura watching Canal de Casa and from the first moment I was hooked on her great fashion tips and advice.

Today Laura shares with us at Plan B some very cool tips and tricks for any trouble you might have with your clothes. From what to do if you spill nail polish on your favorite dress to how to make a hole in a belt with no punch.

With no more saying, here is her post!

How to remove nail polish stains from your clothes

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Nailart is the art of decorating nails, something I guess you have heard about in many blogs and magazines and I’m sure most of you have tried at home. I’m sure that some of you have probably made authentic art on your nail just like in the best nail salons.

We all like to experiment with this at home, with different colors and techniques, but we often do it just before leaving home when we have decided the outfit that we are going to wear and want to match our manicure. But often the rush give us a bad surprise! We drop the bottle or we touched inadvertently our dress that we like so much staining it.

To clean a spot of nail polish, the first thing to consider is the composition of your garment. Do not be alarmed because fortunately it has a solution!

Cotton: What you need to do is rub the stain with a white cloth soaked in acetone. You have to rub carefully to prevent it from spreading further out. If you get to spread the stain you can solve it too: what you need to do is work out at home, a mixture consisting of two parts ammonia and turpentine. Apply it, being careful not to inhale the ammonia, rubbing very gently with a nail brush. Then wash the garment by hand in warm water and liquid soap… and problem solved.

Silk: you have to be very careful. We are talking about the most delicate fabric. You need to remove the stain with ether. How? You have to put a cloth on the back of the garment and dabbing the stain with a cotton from the front. If the stain persist, you need alcohol 90% to keep rubbing the stain thoroughly. If after the process, the siege of the stain is still there, you must put the garment to soak in a bowl of warm water in which you have to add a dash of ammonia and liquid soap for hand washing your delicates. Wait a few minutes, and take out and wash it, and done!

Synthetic fabrics: The process is similar to removing a stain on cotton. Acetone is your secret weapon. Just do it carefully because you can discolor some synthetic fabrics when applied. If we fear that to happen, we abort the operation, and clean the stain with talcum powder. It ‘s simple, sprinkle talcum powder on the stain and wait a few hours for it to act. After brush thoroughly  the stain and wash the garment as usual.

How to remove makeup stains from your clothes

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We talked about how to remove stains from nail polish and now I’ll give you some tricks to remove foundation makeup stains from clothing. Surely more than one will appreciate this advice. I am the first to put my makeup before getting dressed and obviously that comes with some risks…

The first trick is to immerse the stained clothes with makeup in water with vinegar for a few minutes. After that we can wash it as usual.

Another tip is to scrub the stain with liquid detergent to neutralize it completely. Then rinse the garment with water.

Another way to kill the happy foundation stains is to use lemon juice. Immerse the stained garment in a bowl of warm water, vinegar and a few drops of citric and this will get this scary stain out almost like magic.

Other annoying makeup stain are lipstick stains. In this case, the trick is to rub the stain with a cotton soaked in ammonia. Then wash the garment in warm water, as long as it is not an item that needs to be washed in cold water,  such as silk.

How to wash our favorite BIKINI

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Wash by hand. As soon as you return from the beach or pool, is recommended to soak the bathing suit regardless of the type of materials it is (elastic or cotton). Then rinse in water with a little shampoo and let it dry in the shadow. It’s not a good idea to wash it with hot water since it can shrink.

Trick when washing socks to avoid losing one

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Maybe you have this same problem too, but sometimes when you open the washer and realize suddenly that one of the two socks has disappeared. I have a theory that there is a huge and deep black hole that swallows thoroughly leaving a mismatched and very lonely sock.


A trick for this is to join the couple (one inside the other) This way you won’t lose it.


How to whiten yellowish lace

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In summer I love to wear white lacy dresses, they are my favorite. The problem is that many times the white lace tends to get yellowish. When this happens, put it to soak overnight in warm water with salt. Then the next day just wash it as usual.

Reuse remains of soap to wash our clothes

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A good trick to use all the bits of soap leftovers is to put them in the washing machine. This way you can wash your clothes with your soap leftovers and not damage your clothes with strong detergents.

Tips for shrunken sweaters

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Return to normal size just washing it with shampoo and leave to soak for fifteen minutes. Then tend undrained until your sweater reaches the desired size.

Tricks to make a new hole in a belt without a punch

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It’s simple. You have to take a thick needle made of metal and put it over the fire for a while, until you see that it gets hot. Then pinch a hole thru the belt immediately where you would like the new hole.

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