Tip: Gift ideas for a DIY’er

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er

This post is dedicated to both DIY’ers and people who know a DIY’er and want to get her or him something special for the holidays. It can be difficult to hit with a good gift for a DIY’er, but with this list you’ll see the categories organized by type of gift, which will make it all easier when choosing the perfect gift. We all know that there are many branches of DIY, but in this post I have focused on the “fashionistas” or DIY’ers interested in fashion and accessories. Keep reading to find the perfect gift with these ideas for your dear DIY’er this Christmas!

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er

Tools and supplies:

If you choose to give something practical and with a wide price range to choose from, this will be the perfect gift. Every fashionista needs a good DIY’er scissors for cutting fabric, a good set of colored threads, or a kit of needles, pins , measuring tape, thimble…

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er sewing machine


If you intend to make a rather large and important gift, you will never fail with a sewing machine (But better to buy a good one, if you can not afford it, choose an other gift) In the sewing machine world, it’s almost always a matter of the most expensive the better.

  • Brands like Pfaff sewing machines, Brother, Singer are the best bets .
  • If she/he already hase a sewing machine, you can buy an Overlock if she /he is at a much more advanced level .
  • And you will never will fail giving a good iron that has steam option, as it is very important to iron if you sew.

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er book


For those who like to give books, there are also options for DIY’ers!

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er kit

DIY Kits :

I would recommend kits for DIY’ers who are beginning. Because the kits come with everything you need, the design done and everything already thought out to create something… It can be too easy for DIY’ers that are already more advanced and like to make their own ideas and creations from scratch. Still, there are kits supper cool as these:

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er workshop

Other gift options :

For those that are still not convinced with these gift ideas for your DIY’ers, there are other options such as:

  • Give a course, as the courses that Marta from 2nd Funniest thing runs, sewing or pattern making courses, or even something different like a silk painting technique course. (these courses are in Barcelona Spain, just look up on the internet your local DIY courses offers)
  • You also make a gift of sentimental value… such as Grandma ‘s thimble, old tailor scissors or an old vintage iron… she will sure like it!
  • Finally, there is also the idea of ​​a Moleskine notebook or special notebook for fashionistas called fashionary, this and Sharpie’s can also be the perfect gift for any DIY’er.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of gift ideas for a DIY’er! And if you have any other ideas, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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