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Hello DIY‘er, today I bring you a slightly different post but I’m sure it may come in handy… It’s about tips for your holiday wardrobe. I just joined this month’s REDRESS campaign (an NGO based in Hong Kong dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability in the fashion world) Interesting right? For this year 2014, they are working with the challenge of promoting different topics each month, June was about DIY, and July is now about packing wisely for the holidays. I couldn’t resist the challenge of making a post showing you how we can pack more intelligent, efficient and light using our DIY’s of course!!… I hope you will find this post helpful for your summer vacations!


Steps to pack efficiently, intelligent especially light but above all stylish;

1. First of all look at the weather and the religion of your destination. This will help you know how warm or cold it is and the correct clothing to wear at that place. (For example, if you go to Thailand, it’s hot, but in order to enter many temples should go covered and not in tight fitting clothes… You now know that loose cotton pieces and linen are a must to stay fresh and be covered)


2. The most important is to pack good basic pieces.  Best quality over quantity. A good pair of jeans, shorts and denim shorts or skirts in neutral colors may be the best options for your bottom pieces. Basic tops in neutral colors will be your best friend. White, gray, beige and black are easy to mix and match with everything and always looks good.


3. Step three is more fun. This is where you add those special and colorful clothes. The trick to picking these is that you have to be able to combine them in more than two looks, and only pack 3-5 pieces which we will call the “special pieces”. (your cute flower dress, that awsome tunica, that glitter top…)


4. Now it’s the turn of the accessories: necklace, earrings, watch, sunglasses, bag, hat … Better take a good item of each that can be combined with all your looks.


5. Shoes: What us girls like the most, right? but the thing that steals us more space in our suitcases. I suggest a maximum of 4 pair of shoes which consist of the following:

  • Sneakers (tennis, slip ons, sneakers, converse …)
  • Flat Sandal: for walking (if it’s cold a closed walking shoe)
  • Flip-flops: for the beach and the pool and walking around the hotel
  • Heels: look for a party, dinner, cocktail …


Here is the breakdown of the garments I’m packing:

  1. Basic White DIY (coming soon on the blog)
  2. Basic gray shirt and straw hat
  3. DIY watch
  4. Jeans or Jeggins
  5. Flat Sandals
  6. DIY marble shirt 
  7. DIY kimono 
  8. DIY Clutch 
  9. DIY denim Shorts 
  10. DIY Slip-ons and sunglasses
  11. DIY dress and DIY maxi necklace
  12. DIY party top 
  13. DIY Black Shorts (this pattern) and heels
  14. A bikini and a swimsuit
  15. DIY White Skirt  (coming soon on the blog)
  16. Black sleeveless shirt and a sarong or scarf

Now let’s create some looks combining these items …


Travel look: The look at the left could be perfect for the plain, the one on the right could be for a road trip, a train or maybe a boat or a cruise…


These looks are made for city tours, visiting museums or go shopping.


The look from the left can be for a brunch or a nice lunch and the one on the right it’s for walking, and excursion or a light hike.


In this example you can see how a LBD can be very helpfull, just switch the accesories and it can be a look for the day (left picture) or night (right picture).


For the beach or the pool use your DIY Kimono as a coverup. And your scarf or sarong as beach wrap.


A romantic dinner, drinks with friends or any event.


And last but not least important, two party looks!


Isn’t it amazing?! You can pack super light with plenty of DIY’s, which will make your looks even more unique!!

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12 thoughts on “Tip Holiday Packing

  1. vevapf

    Yo soy un desastre, siempre llevo de menos y echo en falta algo! eso si, viajo ligero ligero!
    Me han encantado tus propuestas, pero sobre todo lo bien que combinan los DIY en todos los looks!
    Un besiño

    1. annaevers Post author

      Gracias guapisima!! Jejeje! pues yo solía ser lo contrario a ti, llevaba demasiado en la maleta… y al final no usaba la mitad!!! Desde que uso estos trucos me va mucho mejor 🙂 Otro besiño para ti!!!!

  2. virginia

    Me encanta! Vas siempre estupenda en cada ocasión y por poco dinerito, yo tengo la sensacion que voy siempre con lo primero que pillo… aissss

    1. annaevers Post author

      Gracias V.!! Solo es cuestión de pensarlo antes de ponértelo… tambien ayuda mirar un poco de inspiración en revistas y online 😉 (tip: pon tu look completo encima de la cama antes de vestirte y piensa como puedes mejorarlo, a mi me funciona!!

  3. pikiyina

    Muy buenos consejos sin duda!Yo suelo ser un poco caótica a la hora de hacer la maleta.

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me gusta mucho! 🙂

  4. Moda mujer tallas grandes

    Unos consejos de moda estupendos apra las vacaciones y que no sea un caos el hacer la maleta. Por cierto, los modelos que has elegido son geniales para prácticamente cualquier ocasión y combinan muy bien. Un saludo.


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