Tip: How to maintain of your leather bag


Our leather goods need a special maintenance. As it is a natural material we need to take care of it so it can last many years and get more beautiful. Think of leather as your own skin. It needs hydration, cleanliness and it’s not good to have it a long time in contact with the sun. Here some tips for you to give home maintenance to your bag with things you have at home.



  • Soft hand soap or body gel (Dove, Neutrogena, Lactovit …)
  • Body lotion with no oils and no alcohol (Nivea, Dove …)
  • Bowl with warm water
  • Cotton or soft cloth
  • Cloth or sponge
  • Paper towel



1. First clean the leather. Dilute a few drops of soap in the water.

2. I’ve heard that its also good to put a few drops of vinegar (Because of the PH of the leather)


3. With a soft cloth slightly dampened rub vigorously the entire surface of your bag.


4. Maybe your bag has some scratch, or any pen marks. If so, you can remove it using a cotton swab with alcohol. (make this process very carefully, since the surface may be damaged)



5. Dry the entire surface with paper towels.


With cotton or a cloth rub some cream on the whole bag, this will give the bag a layer of fat so the leather doesn’t crack. (this step with cream is the alternative to using special wax for leather)


Your bag will thank you. Remember not to keep your leather goods in closed plastic bags, is better in cardboard boxes and wrapped in paper so it can breathe.

9 thoughts on “Tip: How to maintain of your leather bag

  1. Felipe

    Gracias, pero toda prueba se debe hacer por partes internas para probar que no se dañe. Si sale bien lo haría en toda la pieza.
    Una pregunta la crema no hará que se oscurezca la pieza de cuero ???

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hola Felipe! La crema ayuda a que no se seque la piel, ya que necesita estar humectada para que no se quiebre con el tiempo, la piel natural se va oscureciendo con el tiempo ( da igual lo que hagas) la crema puede que la oscurezca, pero muy poquito. 😉


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