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Tip: SOS Fashion tricks by Laura Opazo

Plan B anna evers DIY Tips by Laura Opazo 5

Hello DIY’ers! Today we have a very special post. The author of today’s post is our special guest Laura Opazo (check out her blog HERE). She is a stylist for TV productions and the commercial chief of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. If you live in Spain, you probably have seen her at her TV show “Moda reto” and “Que regalo” at Canal de Casa. I discovered Laura watching Canal de Casa and from the first moment I was hooked on her great fashion tips and advice.

Today Laura shares with us at Plan B some very cool tips and tricks for any trouble you might have with your clothes. From what to do if you spill nail polish on your favorite dress to how to make a hole in a belt with no punch.

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Tip: Change the stone on your ring

Plan B anna evers DIY TIP: change the stone on your ring


Hello DIY’ers! Today I bring you a DIY TIP, simple but works like a charm … How to give a little life to your forgotten jewelry? How to re-use, change their tone and how to keep your jewelry to not change color or rust over time?… solution: nail polish! A cheap TIP that works!

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TIP: How to make a cross bra strap DIY

Plan B anna evers DIY TIP: cross bra straps

Tops with swimmer back cuts, ideal for summer and a very flattering silhouette. But… maybe like me, you have a small problem: what to do with my bra straps?

In this tutorial I will show you a tip on how easy and fast (and FREE) it is to make cross straps DIY with few materials that you already have at home. This way you can wear this top style without having to give up on wearing your favorite bra. Continue reading

Tip: How to dye shoes

TIP DIY How to dye shoes. a n n a · e v e r s PLAN B

Would you like to change the color of the shoes you have in the bottom of your closet and not use because you are tired of their color?

In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to dye your shoes without having to spend a fortune sending them to be dyed. It’s simple and the result is great!

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Tip: How to maintain of your leather bag


Our leather goods need a special maintenance. As it is a natural material we need to take care of it so it can last many years and get more beautiful. Think of leather as your own skin. It needs hydration, cleanliness and it’s not good to have it a long time in contact with the sun. Here some tips for you to give home maintenance to your bag with things you have at home.

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