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Tip Holiday Packing


Hello DIY‘er, today I bring you a slightly different post but I’m sure it may come in handy… It’s about tips for your holiday wardrobe. I just joined this month’s REDRESS campaign (an NGO based in Hong Kong dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability in the fashion world) Interesting right? For this year 2014, they are working with the challenge of promoting different topics each month, June was about DIY, and July is now about packing wisely for the holidays. I couldn’t resist the challenge of making a post showing you how we can pack more intelligent, efficient and light using our DIY’s of course!!… I hope you will find this post helpful for your summer vacations!

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Tip: How to adjust a shirt

Plan b anna evers DIY Tip: how to tailo a shirt

You have probably once bought a blouse, a shirt or a dress you believed needed a little more shaping and form that could hug your curves in a better way, and you were not sure how to adjust a shirt (the professional way).

I’ll show you a simple tip that you can apply to all your top pieces to shape that garment to your body a little more and be more flattering than the typical “sack of potatoes” style cut. The solution is very simple: Set a shirt with notches. I’ll show you how to make them, how to sew them and how to iron them.

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Tip: Gift ideas for a DIY’er

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er

This post is dedicated to both DIY’ers and people who know a DIY’er and want to get her or him something special for the holidays. It can be difficult to hit with a good gift for a DIY’er, but with this list you’ll see the categories organized by type of gift, which will make it all easier when choosing the perfect gift. We all know that there are many branches of DIY, but in this post I have focused on the “fashionistas” or DIY’ers interested in fashion and accessories. Keep reading to find the perfect gift with these ideas for your dear DIY’er this Christmas!

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Tip: Change the stone on your ring

Plan B anna evers DIY TIP: change the stone on your ring


Hello DIY’ers! Today I bring you a DIY TIP, simple but works like a charm … How to give a little life to your forgotten jewelry? How to re-use, change their tone and how to keep your jewelry to not change color or rust over time?… solution: nail polish! A cheap TIP that works!

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Tip: Buying off season


A good tip to get good pieces of clothing at good prices, is to buy them off season. I have created a small selection of basic jackets and coats you can wear for several seasons of autumn and winter.

It’s still too hot to think about covering up, but if we anticipate our winter shopping, we can get big discounts and good deals at the sales of  Zalando. For example this blue blazer you can find HEREContinue reading