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DIY Purse organizer

Plan B anna evers DIY Purse organizer for a pair and a spare transparent satchelPlan B anna evers DIY Purse organizer for a pair and a spare transparent satchel kit

Never underestimate the power of a cool bag! And especially this one, the famous “transparent satchel” designed by Geneva from the blog A Pair & a Spare for the DIY web selling materials Wander and Hunt . Geneva has been so kind to send me this kit that comes with everything you need to make this bag. It’s so cool and with a clean and simple design that makes it very easy to match with different styles and looks .

I have prepared a DIY for this bag, as I am the kind girl who carries A LOT! in my bags and not very organized… I created an organizer for your bag with divisions you can bring inside so your most intimate belongings are not shown (flushed face). You can choose a fabric with a fun pattern, and you can make several organizers to exchange according to your look of the day . And wen you are in a hurry and need to change bags, just take the organizer out and put it in another bag without fear that you’ve forget nothing on the way…  Continue reading

DIY jeans kit from Bershka

Plan B anna evers DIY Bershka Shorts kitPlan B anna evers DIY Bershka kit jeans

Would you like to create your own festival jeans with Bershka? Be sure to enter this contest to win this limited edition DIY kit. And there is more! Sharing your creation on their facebook page you can be the winner of a trip to the festival “In the Woods”.

Keep reading to see my DIY proposal with this Bershka kit and all the possibilities it has.. It’s really cool!

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DIY Update your cap

Plan B anna·evers DIY Blog Update your old cap

Do you have one of those caps lost in your closet that you got on a holiday years ago or a souvenir cap with a logo you don’t like? You can customize it to transform it into your favorite cap for this season … Not only to protect yourself from the sun… but also to complete your summer look with a stylish DIY cap.

You’ll need few materials and only 15 minutes …Make your own DIY cap!

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DIY DRAMA necklace

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace (zoom)

XXL Necklaces are a MUST to complete a good look this season. Big rhinestones, metal pieces and the mixture of gold and silver is no longer “NO NO”. Instead of investing a lot of money on one of these necklaces, why not do it yourself and recycle your old accessories … Yes! you heard! RECYCLED! Would you like this necklace that frames your face, draws attention and creates a shinny show on your neck? DIY DRAMA necklace!!

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Update your coat with studs

la foto 1 (1)

Another garment in my closet that needed urgent updating… And I’ve been in love with the look of the sleeves with studs. So let’s get to work! Here I show you how easy it is to update your coat, and you don’t need to know how to sew.

Your coat also suffers from dullness and outdatedness? The studs are a good alternative!

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