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DIY Bow shoes

Plan B anna evers DIY Bow shoes DIY MaryjanesPlan B anna evers DIY Bow shoes DIY

There is nothing more classic in women’s footwear than a good pair of Mary Jane shoes, best known in Spanish as Merceditas. I think all of us have or have had a pair in our life. Flat or heeled, black or colored.. this shoe is a good classic.

Today I decided to do a DIY to my old pair that I had forgotten in the bottom of my closet. They are ideal for this season, that is not extreme cold or extreme warm. Make a bow for your shoes and wear a great classic in a different way.

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DIY Animal print slip-on

Plan B anna evers DIY Snake line slip onPlan B anna evers DIY Snake slip on

Slip-ons, no lace sneakers, slip on sneakers, or skaters… whatever it is you call them they are here, and stepping very strong in the trends this season! Personally I declare my love for the ones from Céline. But let’s be realistic, my pocket and that price have nothing in common. It’s an impossible relationship… So join me all you DIY’ers that always are looking for a Plan B when it comes to dressing trendy and not having to rob a bank. Let’s declare our unconditional love for DIY! Let’s make our own slip-ons with animal print

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DIY Lace ups with metallic plaque


The “metal” or “metallic ” finish comes stomping hard in this season. Whether it’s gold tone, bronze or silver (my favorite). We can see this trend very present in accessories and shoes. And as I always say: Why not make our DIY version!?

I got inspired by the shoes with metal plates from Marni and Céline to recreate this DIY low cost version Lace ups with metallic plaque. Very simple to make and you can remove it and put it on anytime. Transform any lacing shoe with this tutorial!

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DIY Tassel slipper

Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper accessory Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper front

A ‘Must’ to live in Barcelona is to have at least one pair of shoes that are comfortable and that looks good with all your daily outfits… because in this city you end up walking A LOT! (foreigners who live or have lived here, know what I mean) This is why without a good pair of leather flats you wont survive (I know, I sound dramatic…hehe). And what’s better than the famous slippers to fill in this role!?

These I have are from the Danish brand Ecco, and I love them. As they are basic black, you can play with them and “decorate” them creating accessories you can remove. As in the post DIY Buttons shoe accessory. Do you remember it? For this DIY you only need about 10 minutes and few materials to make your own accessory for your DIY tassel slippers.

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DIY Cut out lace up

Plan B anna evers DIY Cut out lace ups step Plan B anna evers DIY Cut out lace ups

I’m back from Thailand DIY‘ers! And I’m full of energy to start the new season with DIY’s for all tastes and levels! (soon photos of my trip 😉

I have been seeing that the trend of “lace up” or short boots with semi-open sides are sweeping the streets this season… And of course we can’t leave the DIY version out. You will see how easy it is to use your old “lace up” or “brogues” and renew them only by cutting holes.

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DIY Belt Sandals

Plan B anna evers DIY Sandals summer

Today it’s officially the first day of summer! And it’s time for sandals and more sandals! This time of the year is definitely my favorite! And you can not miss a DIY tutorial for your feet with so much sunshine and hot weather!

In this tutorials I’ll show you step by step how you can customize in a very simple and fast way, your basic strap sandals to give them a more interesting look…

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DIY Buttons shoe accesory

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY-fashion-blog button shoe accessoriesPlan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY-fashion-blog buttons shoe accessories

Hello DIY’er! I here bring you a DIY Tip post so you can save some money when buying your shoes. Now it’s season for weddings and plenty of cocktail parties … and It’s easy to go crazy if you have to look for a different shoe each time … With this DIY-Tip you only have to think about buying a pair of basic shoes that will go with your different looks and accessorize them to create YOUR customized shoes, styled for different occasions.

With a few Euros you can have several shoes in one creating these clip brooches to customize and change the look of your shoes … Will you like to try?

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Tip: How to dye shoes

TIP DIY How to dye shoes. a n n a · e v e r s PLAN B

Would you like to change the color of the shoes you have in the bottom of your closet and not use because you are tired of their color?

In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to dye your shoes without having to spend a fortune sending them to be dyed. It’s simple and the result is great!

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