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DIY Shawl skirt

Plan B anna evers DIY Shawl skirt fringedPlan B anna evers DIY Shawl skirt

This last month my cousin from LA has been visiting Spain and I wanted to get her something that had a little Spanish personality and at the same time something I had made with my own hands… I immediately thought of a shawl and to make a fun DIY with this.

This is how I transformed a Seville black shawl embroidered with white roses on it to a wrap skirt. It’s easy to make and depending what top you combine it with you will get one look or another. Would you like to try it?

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DIY Bolero (free pattern)

Plan B anna evers DIY Bolero jacket (free pattern) Plan B anna evers DIY Bolero jacket front (free pattern)

Hello lovely DIY’ers! Today I bring you a little surprise!! (free bolero pattern) Because it’s our anniversary… Yes! Today the blog celebrates its first year! YIPII!!! And I wanted to thank each and one of you dear readers and blog followers who are always reading the tutorials, giving good advice and being part of this platform we have built all together! Thank you! And what’s a better way to celebrate a birthday than with some sequins and sparkle? Download the free pattern and follow the steps to make your own party bolero!

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DIY Overalls / DIY Dungarees

Planb B anna evers DIY dungareesPlan B anna evers DIY Overalls DIY

It’s official ! I am addicted to dungarees/overalls ! And this season they are certainly a must! Whether they are denim (old school style) for a more casual and relaxed look, or other fabrics and cuts a little more modern, for a polished look for work.

A reader wrote asking me to do a tutorial for DIY overalls. And as you know girls I’m all ears to your advice and requests … So Here it goes DIY dungarees/overalls tutorial from basic pants!

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DIY Paillette shoulders

Plan B anna evers DIY Paillette shoulders Plan B anna evers DIY Paillette shoulders DIY

Today is September 1st, and that just means one thing… Summer is coming to an end. But to welcome the fall and the chilly temperatures what’s better than a DIY?

I created this DIY for COSMOPOLITAN magazine Spain and it’s designed for you beginners out there who want to start with an easy project and get a cute and fast result. I Hope you like my proposal to customize a basic sweater with sequins in about 10 minutes.

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DIY wrap scarf short

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short zoom

Despite the short time we have left to move in to the fall season, I couldn’t resist making a tutorial for DIY shorts. I call this type of shorts “Wrap shorts” because you wear them rolled around  your waist. This technique is very easy  and you can make them very fast.

In this tutorial I will show how easy it is to make your sarong shorts or “wrapshorts” using a scarf. Continue reading

DIY Summer shorts (free pattern)

Plan B anna evers DIY shorts (free pattern)

Hello DIY’er! I hope you are enjoying the summer and the heat… As I saw that you liked both posts with patterns included, I created a simple pattern of a summer shorts you can make with the fabric you like. It’s a basic pattern which you can you can use as you like depending on what fabric you choose and the finishing touches you prefer.

Are you ready to sew DIY summer shorts from scratch? Let´s do it!

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DIY See through side pants

Plan B anna evers DIY See through side pant

There are many different trends this season, but certainly this is one that we all have seen… “transparencies“. Used in accessories made of plastic or jewelry made from plexiglass, clothing made with gauze, mesh or other materials that give this effect.

This season I also joined the transparency trend, aside from being aesthetically interesting, it gives the feeling of freshness and lightness. It’s very easy to convert your classic black pants in to a garment much more “IN” and modern.

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DIY Summer look with 2nd Funniest Thing

Plan B anna evers DIY Summer look 8Plan B anna evers DIY Summer look 6

It’s here! The DIY post of the Summer! In collaboration with Marta from the beautiful blog 2nd Funniest Thing, we have made a DIY video tutorial of two summer looks you can make with pieces you already have at home without touching the sewing machine! You’ll see it’s very easy and quick to customize or transform an old swimsuit or make a coverup dress from a T-shirt from your boyfriend, friend, brother… We’re really excited to share this video with you DIY’ers! We hope you like it and you will be encouraged to make your DIY total summer look!

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DIY Shorts hem with bias ribbon

Plan B anna·evers DIY Shorts with bias ribbonPlan B anna·evers DIY Shorts with hem bias ribbon

Hello DIY’ers!! I hope you’re enjoying the summer and the Sales officially starting today! (in Spain) In this post I’ll show you a technique to shorten your winter pants to turn them into summer shorts! A very easy DIY but with a Chic result!

Shorten and modernize your pants for the season with the hem “a la bias” with this tip to shorten your pants to get a profesional result 😉

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DIY Open back shirt

Plan B anna · evers DIY Open back shirt

Summer heat is increasing and I feel like having bight colors and fresh and light clothes on! So I decided to do a DIY project upgrading a summer basic shirt with a hole in the back in the form of a U, inspired from the winter tutorial DIY “Holes in shirt”

This DIY is very easy to make and brings a fun and modern look to your classic shirt!

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