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DIY Scrap bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY Fabric bracelet

Hello DIY‘ers! Today I’ll show you a way to reuse textile scraps. As a designer, it’s inevitable to feel a great passion for the textile world. When I sew, sometimes I am lucky to work with true wonders of fabrics, unique and very special textiles… And sometimes I’m left with a few pieces of fabric that are too small to sew a whole piece but that I still feel bad about throw in out. So let’s do a DIY with them! DIY scrap bracelet, an easy DIY and a nice gift idea too. An we get to re-use and re-cycle. Yipeee!!

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DIY Hinge bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY Hinge bracelet DIY

As I mentioned in the post of DIY clutch with latch, there’s nothing like a visit to the hardware store to get inspired with all the materials they have. All may have another purpose and other ways we can use them. Like these aluminum hinges. I liked their brightness and size, and why not make a nice elastic hinge bracelet? This tutorial is super easy and you won’t need to set a closure.

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DIY Hama beads watch

Plan B anna evers DIY White Hama beads watchPlan B anna evers DIY Hama beads watch

You might know the typical watches with porcelain bands as the ones from Chanel or Dior… So for this DIY we will make a “low cost” version of these porcelain bands just using Hama beads . Renew your old watch with this technique using elastic thread to create an adjustable watch band for your wrist. Remember THIS DIY ?

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DIY Ankle bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY blog Ankle bracelet Plan B anna evers DIY Ankle bracelet

Summer is burning in Barcelona! And the fresher the shoe, the better … But never losing the chickness 😉 You can “decorate” your feet in a very subtle way but giving a very nice touch to your sandals or flip-flops… or even with bare feet on the beach or the pool.

This DIY double chain anklet bracelet is very easy and quick to make, you can use old chains you have at home from other old accessories that you don’t use and make your own in less than 10 little minutes.

Are you an anklet girl?

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DIY Hama beads bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY Hama beads bracelet

The summer and it’s irresistible colors have inspired this DIY beaded woven bracelet, ideal for the pool or the beach. As a good Scandinavian I can’t miss a Hama bead tutorial on my blog. You will see how easy it is to make a woven beaded bracelet and you can use this technique for many other projects.

If you don’t know Hama beads, they are small tube plastic beads in many colors that you can model on a board to make thousands of designs and melt them with the help of the iron to create forms and figures. It’s actually a product for children, but many adults use them for their creative projects.

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DIY Multi chain bracelet

Plan B anna · evers DIY Multi chain braceletPlan B anna · evers DIY Multi chain bracelet (zoom)

I’m sure that like me, you have some pieces of jewelry that you no longer use or are broken … Before throwing them away, re-invent them and make new jewelry pieces.

In this tutorial I will show you how to re-use your old chains and trimmings left over to create an original multi chain bracelet. I used the same technique and some leftover of the tutorial DIY DRAMA necklace.

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DIY Ring bracelet

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Ring bracelet

The ring-bracelet is a 2 in 1 accessory piece that reminds us a little of the Arabic or Indian jewelry style … This accessory besides drawing attention, it visually helps to stylize our hand.

In this tutorial you will see how easy and fast it is to make your own ring-bracelet using chains and some jewelry hoops. It’s a simple jewelry piece that will give you that interesting and different style to your look.

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