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DIY Ruana

Plan B anna evers DIY Ruana  DIY Plan B anna evers DIY Ruana

When I think of the styles in fashion that were used years ago and now are coming back again, the clothes of our grandmothers and our mothers that now come back as a super MUST, it’s amazing how fashion repeats. In particular I’ve always liked this, the Ruana. Very In years ago, and now is coming back. It’s a kind of a poncho-shawl that we can use over our coats or directly on our clothes to keep warm… It’s a very simple piece that adds a special touch to create a chic look. If you are always freezing like me, this is your style-DIY-solution! This DIY Ruana is very easy to make, and it can also be for a special gift.

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DIY Poncho Jacket


We all know that the ethnic look is still in vogue. It succeeded in last seasons and we see it blooms again this spring …

After a stroll through the fabric store I’ve fallen madly in love with this fabric with ethnic inspiration embroidered … It’s upholstery fabric! Do you dare to make a poncho jacket from scratch?

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