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DIY Lace pendant

Plan B anna evers DIY lace pendant

I love the sweetness that a subtle touch of lace can give to a look …And using it in your accessories is great! Remember the post “Sexy Lace“? This time I used the same technique,  but a summer version, to create a lace pendant you can  wear with your favorite necklace. It’s super easy to make, and in less than 3 minutes you’ll have it ready!

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DIY Yoyo flower necklace

Plan B anna·evers DIY blog yoyo flower necklacePlan B anna·evers DIY yoyo flower necklace

It’s here! The post in collaboration with FACTORIA DIY! A company that gets inspired by the latest fashion trends and transforms it in to DIY kits with all the materials needed and a step by step instructions, sent to your door. Isn’t this a great way to DIY!?

I have the pleasure to have designed this kit for FACTORIA DIY, here I’ll show you its contents and how you too can get one of these fabulous kits!

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DIY DRAMA necklace

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Drama necklace (zoom)

XXL Necklaces are a MUST to complete a good look this season. Big rhinestones, metal pieces and the mixture of gold and silver is no longer “NO NO”. Instead of investing a lot of money on one of these necklaces, why not do it yourself and recycle your old accessories … Yes! you heard! RECYCLED! Would you like this necklace that frames your face, draws attention and creates a shinny show on your neck? DIY DRAMA necklace!!

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DIY Spring branch necklace

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Spring stick necklace

Passing through the park … I realized they were trimming trees and throwing away dead branches … And I thought that with these branches I could make a nice accessory for spring. So with a little imagination and a few materials I’ve made a spring branch necklace. Very easy to do and with an element of nature!

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DIY Key necklace

DIY PlAN B a n n a · e v e r s blog key necklace

A while ago I moved from my old flat… and a couple of days ago I found the key to my old home in a forgotten drawer. I thought I could do a cute DIY project with this little nice memory of that period of my life … So in this tutorial I’ll show you how to decorate an old key to make it a charm for a cool necklace.

Feel like recycling your keys?

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DIY pom pom Choker


I love accessories that add color and life to our look. When using accessories with colors near the face, like necklaces or earrings. It illuminates and highlight our best features.

In this tutorial I transformed a basic choker necklace I bought for 2€! to an ethnic style necklace with ribbons and pompoms.

Feel like DIY’ing yours?

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DIY Bow tie necklace


An androgynous look in a girl’s closet is always sexy…

In this tutorial I will combine the necklace (feminine) with the bow tie (an item of man clothing). Take a tie from your boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, father… and a simple chain. Let’s do a bow tie necklace. A chic accessory for Valentine’s Day.

Do you dare to rock the bow tie look?

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