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DIY Holiday trench

Plan B anna evers DIY Christmas trenchPlan B anna evers DIY Christmas trench Boohoo.com

Hello DIY’ers!! The holiday season is just staring, and one of the things, apart from the gifts and the food we mostly think about, it’s what to wear…for Christmas eve, company dinners, New Year’s Eve… and a thousand other celebrations. I will show you an easy DIY, without sewing (if you prefer). To give an extra kick to your look.

For this DIY we are collaborating with the online boutique BOOHOO.COM An online fashion store with own brand, with very cool designs for both men and women. Read on and find the link to make this trench coat!!

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Inspiration: Decorate with twinkle lights


 The Christmas lights or Twinkle lights are one of my favorite things of this season… They illuminate every corner and always bring a magical touch. Here you can get inspired in many ways on how you can integrate them into your home decor. Whether is the classic lights used for the Christmas tree, the rain twinkle lights, the fun figurines lights or the latest lets strips. They will look great in your favorite corner, besides giving a warm light that permeate your home’s holiday spirit without being “too much“.

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Inspiration: Advent calendar


It’s almost December… And Christmas is around the corner!!!. I love this time of the year, because in my family we celebrate Christmas with a cultural “REMIX style. Which makes it very special and unique, as we mix caribbean style Christmas (from Dominican Republic) with Danish Christmas traditions. And to top it off, my latest acquisition has been to integrate the Catalan Christmas culture in this compound of cultural contrasts. But really, is what makes my Christmas special! What about your Christmas, that makes it special?

In this post I share with you some inspirations images to make your own Advent calendar, which is one of my favorite traditions from Denmark. For those who do not know or have never seen this, it’s a ” countdown ” to Christmas Eve ( December 24th) The advent calendar usually comes in many forms, such as a card, a box of chocolates, a toys box… in Denmark you can buy them made ​​(and in many other northern countries) But why not make your own DIY version?! These bloggers have done some very cool DIY versions you can get inspired from. It is great to make with kids, give it to a friend or family member or give a surprise to your love! Every morning, from the 1st to 24th December, you can open a surprise, either a note, a sweet or a little something you want to share. And on the 24th, the surprise is often the best!! What do you think of this idea? Are you up for it?

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