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DIY Crystal statement necklace

Plan B anna evers DIY Statement necklace DIY

Hello DIY’ers! We could’t pass this season without a DIY Statement necklace tutorial to shine at dinners and parties! Statement necklaces are very IN, and is a good bet wen you want to give a special touch to your look! And you can do this by recycling your old jewelery and even some clothes… This is a braided fabric necklace with crystals. Look how easy it is to make your own…

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DIY Autumn/winter vest

Plan B anna evers DIY Autumn vest (zoom)

Hello DIY’ers! I’ts so cold now in Barcelona! I keep wearing layers over layers of clothing. No doubt we have to make warm and cozy DIY‘s this time of the year. So I wanted to show you how to make a very easy Vest you can sew! No patterns needed, and in less than 30 minutes and you can wear your DIY autumn / winter Vest on any jersey, shirt, or coat! With this steps by step to make this DIY Vest (like a shawl) Make your own with the style you like. Mine has a Boho-ethnic style with this blue fabric with orange geometric designs, but you could make your own using leather, denim fabric or wool…. There are countless possibilities!

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DIY Hama beads watch

Plan B anna evers DIY White Hama beads watchPlan B anna evers DIY Hama beads watch

You might know the typical watches with porcelain bands as the ones from Chanel or Dior… So for this DIY we will make a “low cost” version of these porcelain bands just using Hama beads . Renew your old watch with this technique using elastic thread to create an adjustable watch band for your wrist. Remember THIS DIY ?

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DIY Paillette shoulders

Plan B anna evers DIY Paillette shoulders Plan B anna evers DIY Paillette shoulders DIY

Today is September 1st, and that just means one thing… Summer is coming to an end. But to welcome the fall and the chilly temperatures what’s better than a DIY?

I created this DIY for COSMOPOLITAN magazine Spain and it’s designed for you beginners out there who want to start with an easy project and get a cute and fast result. I Hope you like my proposal to customize a basic sweater with sequins in about 10 minutes.

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DIY Hama beads bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY Hama beads bracelet

The summer and it’s irresistible colors have inspired this DIY beaded woven bracelet, ideal for the pool or the beach. As a good Scandinavian I can’t miss a Hama bead tutorial on my blog. You will see how easy it is to make a woven beaded bracelet and you can use this technique for many other projects.

If you don’t know Hama beads, they are small tube plastic beads in many colors that you can model on a board to make thousands of designs and melt them with the help of the iron to create forms and figures. It’s actually a product for children, but many adults use them for their creative projects.

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DIY Summer look with 2nd Funniest Thing

Plan B anna evers DIY Summer look 8Plan B anna evers DIY Summer look 6

It’s here! The DIY post of the Summer! In collaboration with Marta from the beautiful blog 2nd Funniest Thing, we have made a DIY video tutorial of two summer looks you can make with pieces you already have at home without touching the sewing machine! You’ll see it’s very easy and quick to customize or transform an old swimsuit or make a coverup dress from a T-shirt from your boyfriend, friend, brother… We’re really excited to share this video with you DIY’ers! We hope you like it and you will be encouraged to make your DIY total summer look!

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DIY Can tab belt

PLAN B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Can tab belt.

The feeling of spring is increasing and I’m looking forward to seeing more colors! Lately I’ve been inspired by recycling garbage to transform it into fashion pieces that really look good. I din’t want to lose the opportunity to show you this technique of recycling. You may have seen it … But have you tried it?

With simple can tabs (soda, beer, corn, tuna …) You can crochet lots of cool fashion accessories and this tutorial I’ll show you how you can weave a belt with satin bright color ribbons to live up your spring. INCLUDES VIDEO!

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