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Inspiration: bottles as vases

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One of the items I use a lot to decorate my house and I can get for free, is to reuse bottles or jars as vases. I love to recycle these pieces, the wine bottles, water bottles or soda bottles (glass bottles of course) can be used very nicely in different compositions playing with the heights and shapes of the bottles. It definitely gives a special touch to any corner of your home… and did I already mentioned that they are free? I don’t think twice about asking for water bottles to take home in restaurants … and so far I have not received any no’s.

Here you will see a small selection of images of bottles to use, how to use them and how to be inspired to integrate it into your personal style. Hope you like it.

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DIY Origami bird

Plan B anna evers DIY Origami bird DIYPlan B anna evers DIY Origami bird tut

One of the decorative pieces that I have in my living room, is this branch with small hanging origami birds. Although is very simple, everyone who comes to my house asks about how to make these. I love origami birds, my Danish family always make them. For me it’s a little piece of my family at home and today I will share with you how I make them. They are very easy to make and you can put them in any corner of your home or office. Want to try?

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DIY Night table makeover

Plan B anna evers DIY Night table makeover before and after

Spring is around the corner, and I already have itchy fingers for making changes in my home! I love to transform the spaces and corners for a new season… For a long time I was trying to catch a pair of night tables, but oh my! the prices in the market are crazy! So although I did not like the actual ones I had, I decided to transform them to save me some money… and you actually save a lot this way!

See how you can make a DIY bedside table makeover very easy and very cheap!

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Inspiration: Open closet


A little cute closet always looks good. But let’s be honest… Not all of us can fit eveything in a small closet? Certainly not me! Here I show you some ideas to make an open closet. It’s a selection of ideas to inspire you with ways to keep an open wardrobe that looks good. The secret? Keep everything well organized by color or family. I hope you like it 🙂

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Inspiration: Decorate with twinkle lights


 The Christmas lights or Twinkle lights are one of my favorite things of this season… They illuminate every corner and always bring a magical touch. Here you can get inspired in many ways on how you can integrate them into your home decor. Whether is the classic lights used for the Christmas tree, the rain twinkle lights, the fun figurines lights or the latest lets strips. They will look great in your favorite corner, besides giving a warm light that permeate your home’s holiday spirit without being “too much“.

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Inspiration: Branch rack

Taking a hike this season, it’s hard to resist the free materials that nature has to offer at this time of the year. Like the leaves in warm shades of orange and red, the chestnuts, and among other lovely things, the trunks and branches… That in many parts of the world now, we can get for free, as they begin to prune the trees and you can get them easily.

That’s why I wanted to show you these pictures of DIY Home inspiration. You can use a single branch to turn it into a functional and decorative piece. Remember THIS DIY using a branch? Here you can see how they have been used to create racks, where you can hang your clothes and make a cool open closet. I love this idea, and I think it’s super original! How about you, DIY’er?


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DIY pom pom cushions

Plan B anna · evers DIY pom pom pillow

As I mentioned in previous posts, when you want to change the look of your home, it’s much easier, faster and cheaper changing textile accessories and leave the furniture as bases. Since the spring I wanted to give a touch of color to my bedroom. After removing many winter blankets and quilts, the room is a bit bland and boring.

With simple DIY cushions you can give a splash of color without beeing too much and having to change the entire bedding. It’s simple sewing your own cushions (and a thousand times cheaper!) Change the look of your living room, bead room, terrace or your favorite chair just DIY‘ing a cushion in your favorite fabric.

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DIY Vintage inspired mirror 1.0

Plan B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Vintage inspired mirror.


Spring is here and we all want to renew, change and update our home … It just seems that ur pockets don’t want to follow our good intentions. That’s why I love to do DIY low cost decorating projects.

With only about 5€ I made a mirror to decorate the living room, the entrance of your home or a special room. Definitely a super easy tutorial but with a spectacular result. This piece is inspired by vintage wall mirrors that are so IN at the moment.

Feel like spring decorating? Then check out this tut!!

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