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DIY Thread hanger

Plan B anna evers DIY Thread hangerHello DIY‘ers!! How are you? After these couple of months without writing any posts, I’m back with more DIY tutorials… I needed to take a little break from the blog for several reasons. One of them being the most important reason, is that I’m pregnant!! I’m already seven months, but I still have some energy to show you a few tutorials more before my baby is born. If you follow me on my Instagram account, you’ll see how big my bump is!!

I have always kept all my thread bobbins in a wooden box, but having so many, they always end up tangled and it is a waste of time to start looking for the color I want. So I created a DIY thread hanger, easy and quick to make. I have been using this hanger kite a while now, next to my sewing machine and I am delighted how practical it is. To make yours, here is the how to

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DIY Holiday trench

Plan B anna evers DIY Christmas trenchPlan B anna evers DIY Christmas trench Boohoo.com

Hello DIY’ers!! The holiday season is just staring, and one of the things, apart from the gifts and the food we mostly think about, it’s what to wear…for Christmas eve, company dinners, New Year’s Eve… and a thousand other celebrations. I will show you an easy DIY, without sewing (if you prefer). To give an extra kick to your look.

For this DIY we are collaborating with the online boutique BOOHOO.COM An online fashion store with own brand, with very cool designs for both men and women. Read on and find the link to make this trench coat!!

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