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DIY pom pom cushions

Plan B anna · evers DIY pom pom pillow

As I mentioned in previous posts, when you want to change the look of your home, it’s much easier, faster and cheaper changing textile accessories and leave the furniture as bases. Since the spring I wanted to give a touch of color to my bedroom. After removing many winter blankets and quilts, the room is a bit bland and boring.

With simple DIY cushions you can give a splash of color without beeing too much and having to change the entire bedding. It’s simple sewing your own cushions (and a thousand times cheaper!) Change the look of your living room, bead room, terrace or your favorite chair just DIY‘ing a cushion in your favorite fabric.

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DIY Poncho Jacket


We all know that the ethnic look is still in vogue. It succeeded in last seasons and we see it blooms again this spring …

After a stroll through the fabric store I’ve fallen madly in love with this fabric with ethnic inspiration embroidered … It’s upholstery fabric! Do you dare to make a poncho jacket from scratch?

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DIY pom pom Choker


I love accessories that add color and life to our look. When using accessories with colors near the face, like necklaces or earrings. It illuminates and highlight our best features.

In this tutorial I transformed a basic choker necklace I bought for 2€! to an ethnic style necklace with ribbons and pompoms.

Feel like DIY’ing yours?

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