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DIY Thread hanger

Plan B anna evers DIY Thread hangerHello DIY‘ers!! How are you? After these couple of months without writing any posts, I’m back with more DIY tutorials… I needed to take a little break from the blog for several reasons. One of them being the most important reason, is that I’m pregnant!! I’m already seven months, but I still have some energy to show you a few tutorials more before my baby is born. If you follow me on my Instagram account, you’ll see how big my bump is!!

I have always kept all my thread bobbins in a wooden box, but having so many, they always end up tangled and it is a waste of time to start looking for the color I want. So I created a DIY thread hanger, easy and quick to make. I have been using this hanger kite a while now, next to my sewing machine and I am delighted how practical it is. To make yours, here is the how to

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