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DIY Scrap bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY Fabric bracelet

Hello DIY‘ers! Today I’ll show you a way to reuse textile scraps. As a designer, it’s inevitable to feel a great passion for the textile world. When I sew, sometimes I am lucky to work with true wonders of fabrics, unique and very special textiles… And sometimes I’m left with a few pieces of fabric that are too small to sew a whole piece but that I still feel bad about throw in out. So let’s do a DIY with them! DIY scrap bracelet, an easy DIY and a nice gift idea too. An we get to re-use and re-cycle. Yipeee!!

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DIY Chain hair pins

Plan B anna evers DIY Chain Hair pins DIYPlan B anna evers DIY Chain Hair pins

 Thinking about what to wear on Valentine’s day? How can you complement that special dress you bought on sale you’re dying to wear for the first time?… I’ll show you a simple DIY for FREE you can make in less than 5 minutes and it will give you a special touch to any hairstyle you wear on the amour day! Whether you wear your hair loose, straight or curly, or you wear a bun or a ponytail… You can complement it with these Chain Hair pins that give a different but subtle touch to your outfit. Ah! And don’t forget to wear a passion red lipstick to complete your look! 😉

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DIY Crystal statement necklace

Plan B anna evers DIY Statement necklace DIY

Hello DIY’ers! We could’t pass this season without a DIY Statement necklace tutorial to shine at dinners and parties! Statement necklaces are very IN, and is a good bet wen you want to give a special touch to your look! And you can do this by recycling your old jewelery and even some clothes… This is a braided fabric necklace with crystals. Look how easy it is to make your own…

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DIY Vintage inspired rhinestone earrings

Plan B DIY Vintage inspired rhinestone earrings DIY

I’m sure that like me, you are probably already thinking about what to wear for the holidays… Whether it’s for Christmas, company dinner, out with friends or new year’s eve. We all want to look spectacular. And we know that one of the key pieces that can frame our face nicely and accentuate any good look, are the earrings.

Don’t miss how you can make these DIY vintage inspired earrings, you can wear with different looks. You will see that the materials that you can use are very light and will not be uncomfortable to wear after hours of partying. Are you up for it?

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DIY Tassel slipper

Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper accessory Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper front

A ‘Must’ to live in Barcelona is to have at least one pair of shoes that are comfortable and that looks good with all your daily outfits… because in this city you end up walking A LOT! (foreigners who live or have lived here, know what I mean) This is why without a good pair of leather flats you wont survive (I know, I sound dramatic…hehe). And what’s better than the famous slippers to fill in this role!?

These I have are from the Danish brand Ecco, and I love them. As they are basic black, you can play with them and “decorate” them creating accessories you can remove. As in the post DIY Buttons shoe accessory. Do you remember it? For this DIY you only need about 10 minutes and few materials to make your own accessory for your DIY tassel slippers.

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Tip: Change the stone on your ring

Plan B anna evers DIY TIP: change the stone on your ring


Hello DIY’ers! Today I bring you a DIY TIP, simple but works like a charm … How to give a little life to your forgotten jewelry? How to re-use, change their tone and how to keep your jewelry to not change color or rust over time?… solution: nail polish! A cheap TIP that works!

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DIY Multi color necklace

Plan B anna evers DIY Multi color necklace

To continue with the bright colors of summer, I made a necklace with “multi color blocking” with small beads …It’s just that I looove summer! You can tell, right? Never underestimate the power of color!

It’s a very simple necklace to make and you can create the color combinations you want or do this piece monochromatic …

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DIY Ankle bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY blog Ankle bracelet Plan B anna evers DIY Ankle bracelet

Summer is burning in Barcelona! And the fresher the shoe, the better … But never losing the chickness 😉 You can “decorate” your feet in a very subtle way but giving a very nice touch to your sandals or flip-flops… or even with bare feet on the beach or the pool.

This DIY double chain anklet bracelet is very easy and quick to make, you can use old chains you have at home from other old accessories that you don’t use and make your own in less than 10 little minutes.

Are you an anklet girl?

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