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DIY Accessorize your hat

PlanB anna evers DIY Accessorize your hat

Hello DIY‘er!!! Such a joy to begin this new year with so many goals, dreams and wishes! I hope you have a lot as well. Always being positive, working hard and being constant in all we do, will insure this year to be even better than last year! And since we are starting this year, let’s also start  with the first tutorial of 2014! Easy and quick to do, but with a very cool final look!

My grandfather always used to tell me that diseases enter through the head, and he always said we should wear a hat or cap during the cold seasons… So to remember my grandfather I made this DIY dedicated to him. Get inspired too, and customize your winter hat!

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DIY belt headband

Plan B anna evers DIY belt headband silverPlan B anna evers DIY belt headband DIY

Hello DIY‘ers! Here more ideas to reuse pieces of your wardrobe! For me it’s a fun challenge to find more than one use for each object that I have (this has already become a national sport in my closet) As we soon will be switching from summer to winter clothing in our closets, we can look for good pieces to transform and accessories that can mutate.

… Cleaning my closet, I found a silver belt

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DIY Belt Sandals

Plan B anna evers DIY Sandals summer

Today it’s officially the first day of summer! And it’s time for sandals and more sandals! This time of the year is definitely my favorite! And you can not miss a DIY tutorial for your feet with so much sunshine and hot weather!

In this tutorials I’ll show you step by step how you can customize in a very simple and fast way, your basic strap sandals to give them a more interesting look…

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DIY Belt purse

Plan B anna evers DIY Belt PursePlan B anna evers Blog DIY Belt Purse

The famous fanny pack or belt purse used in the 80-90’s, are back. It consists of a bag tied around the waist or hips with a belt or chain. This type of bag is ideal for traveling comfortable and safe, also for biking, for a nice long walk or for a good festival or concert … This complement has gone from being a retro and outdated piece that only tourists used to be a very chic and cool purse that can complete your best look this spring and summer.

In this DIY tutorial I will show you how easy it is to make a DIY Belt purse using a bag or purse from Grandma’s closet or a second hand purse to make this complement with a cool and vintage look …

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DIY Can tab belt

PLAN B a n n a · e v e r s DIY Can tab belt.

The feeling of spring is increasing and I’m looking forward to seeing more colors! Lately I’ve been inspired by recycling garbage to transform it into fashion pieces that really look good. I din’t want to lose the opportunity to show you this technique of recycling. You may have seen it … But have you tried it?

With simple can tabs (soda, beer, corn, tuna …) You can crochet lots of cool fashion accessories and this tutorial I’ll show you how you can weave a belt with satin bright color ribbons to live up your spring. INCLUDES VIDEO!

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