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DIY Tassel slipper

Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper accessory Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper front

A ‘Must’ to live in Barcelona is to have at least one pair of shoes that are comfortable and that looks good with all your daily outfits… because in this city you end up walking A LOT! (foreigners who live or have lived here, know what I mean) This is why without a good pair of leather flats you wont survive (I know, I sound dramatic…hehe). And what’s better than the famous slippers to fill in this role!?

These I have are from the Danish brand Ecco, and I love them. As they are basic black, you can play with them and “decorate” them creating accessories you can remove. As in the post DIY Buttons shoe accessory. Do you remember it? For this DIY you only need about 10 minutes and few materials to make your own accessory for your DIY tassel slippers.

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DIY Backpack

Plan B anna evers DIY Silver backpack

Hello DIY‘ers! In today’s post I’ll show the (anti – theft) DIY backpack that I used while in Thailand, and that I currently use in Barcelona (especially if I take the subway). This backpack has a hidden zipper in a fold, which only allows you to open the bag taking the backpack of, This way nobody can be able to take anything out without you knowing it… Do you like this idea!? Go ahead and learn how to make yours !

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DIY Leather floral necklace

Plan B anna evers DIY Leather floral necklace zoom

I love autumn and its colors! The warm tones as mustards and oranges, make this time of the year very special. That’s why I created this DIY tutorial to make a necklace of roses with these vibrant colors. Taking inspiration from the flower necklace by Bimba y Lola.  See how you can create this necklace of roses with pieces that you already have at home.

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DIY Hama beads watch

Plan B anna evers DIY White Hama beads watchPlan B anna evers DIY Hama beads watch

You might know the typical watches with porcelain bands as the ones from Chanel or Dior… So for this DIY we will make a “low cost” version of these porcelain bands just using Hama beads . Renew your old watch with this technique using elastic thread to create an adjustable watch band for your wrist. Remember THIS DIY ?

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Tip: Change the stone on your ring

Plan B anna evers DIY TIP: change the stone on your ring


Hello DIY’ers! Today I bring you a DIY TIP, simple but works like a charm … How to give a little life to your forgotten jewelry? How to re-use, change their tone and how to keep your jewelry to not change color or rust over time?… solution: nail polish! A cheap TIP that works!

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DIY Purse organizer

Plan B anna evers DIY Purse organizer for a pair and a spare transparent satchelPlan B anna evers DIY Purse organizer for a pair and a spare transparent satchel kit

Never underestimate the power of a cool bag! And especially this one, the famous “transparent satchel” designed by Geneva from the blog A Pair & a Spare for the DIY web selling materials Wander and Hunt . Geneva has been so kind to send me this kit that comes with everything you need to make this bag. It’s so cool and with a clean and simple design that makes it very easy to match with different styles and looks .

I have prepared a DIY for this bag, as I am the kind girl who carries A LOT! in my bags and not very organized… I created an organizer for your bag with divisions you can bring inside so your most intimate belongings are not shown (flushed face). You can choose a fabric with a fun pattern, and you can make several organizers to exchange according to your look of the day . And wen you are in a hurry and need to change bags, just take the organizer out and put it in another bag without fear that you’ve forget nothing on the way…  Continue reading

DIY belt headband

Plan B anna evers DIY belt headband silverPlan B anna evers DIY belt headband DIY

Hello DIY‘ers! Here more ideas to reuse pieces of your wardrobe! For me it’s a fun challenge to find more than one use for each object that I have (this has already become a national sport in my closet) As we soon will be switching from summer to winter clothing in our closets, we can look for good pieces to transform and accessories that can mutate.

… Cleaning my closet, I found a silver belt

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TIP: How to make a cross bra strap DIY

Plan B anna evers DIY TIP: cross bra straps

Tops with swimmer back cuts, ideal for summer and a very flattering silhouette. But… maybe like me, you have a small problem: what to do with my bra straps?

In this tutorial I will show you a tip on how easy and fast (and FREE) it is to make cross straps DIY with few materials that you already have at home. This way you can wear this top style without having to give up on wearing your favorite bra. Continue reading

DIY Multi color necklace

Plan B anna evers DIY Multi color necklace

To continue with the bright colors of summer, I made a necklace with “multi color blocking” with small beads …It’s just that I looove summer! You can tell, right? Never underestimate the power of color!

It’s a very simple necklace to make and you can create the color combinations you want or do this piece monochromatic …

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DIY Ankle bracelet

Plan B anna evers DIY blog Ankle bracelet Plan B anna evers DIY Ankle bracelet

Summer is burning in Barcelona! And the fresher the shoe, the better … But never losing the chickness 😉 You can “decorate” your feet in a very subtle way but giving a very nice touch to your sandals or flip-flops… or even with bare feet on the beach or the pool.

This DIY double chain anklet bracelet is very easy and quick to make, you can use old chains you have at home from other old accessories that you don’t use and make your own in less than 10 little minutes.

Are you an anklet girl?

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