DIY pineapple smoothie by Organicus

Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie ingredients

To begin our pineapple week, let’s toast with this delicious smoothie that Ana from Organicus has prepared for us. This girl is amazing! Apart from being super nice, she writes a very interesting blog that I 100% recommend. It’s simply a must! Ana, has PhD in Biology (Neuroscience) and on her blog she shares how to make DIY style products, tips and tricks for a more Bio lifestyle. From tips and recipes for cosmetics to toiletries, household and food.

This exquisite and easy to make recipe opens our Pineapple week on the blog. You can also read about the benefits of pineapple on her blog that Ana tells us. Let’s start with the recipe!


  • 1 pineapple
  • 250 ml coconut cream
  • 15 g ginger
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon

Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie.Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie DIY


1. Cut the pineapple : you will have to cut both ends first and then remove the skin. Once you have done that divide it into four pieces making a vertical cut and then remove the fibrous part of the center. By shredding and direct to the mixer.

Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie

2.  Add a few ice cubes to make it cooler and ready to taste it.

Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie with cinammonPlan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie-

Yum! I love this recipe, it’s great for those hot summer days …

Remember you can follow the DIY tips and recipes that Organicus shares with us in her Facebook and Twitter

Long live the pineapple!!!

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