Inspiration: Pineapple


I want summer now!! I have not been able to resist this juicy trend. The Pineapple, I love to eat this fruit plus is a fruit with a very fun and interesting shape. Whether you use it for decoration, implemented in fashion or just to enjoy its taste… This fruit is IN! Be inspired by these images and let’s welcome what I have officially called the “Pineapple Week”! We will make DIY’s in honor of this delicious fruit and have a very special guest post on the blog…so stay tuned! Happy start of the week!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Pineapple

  1. sandra

    Me encanta la idea… la piña junto con la sandía (a la que le he hecho un DIY que publicaré hoy) me encantan para la primavera y veranito… Estoy deseando “disfrutar” de la semana de la piña!!!

    Un besazo!


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