Inspiration: Oversize coat


We all know it, it’s always the same… Spring comes with a very changeable weather, and when we’re pretty sure it will only be sun and warmth, heavy rains begins and disrupt our mindset… For me, is the same every year. So we have to pull the coats out again… (BlaH!)

But this time it’s different! Let’s get inspired by these great XXL coats, most known as Boyfriend coats or oversize coats.

In this post you can see different styles, with different looks… For you to get inspired for the next DIY post. Yeah! It’s about DIY oversize coat! So don’t miss it!  It’s a collaboration together with HUMANA and their campaign Donate Fashion were I’m one of the collaborating bloggers from Spain. Don’t miss their site!

Have you chosen your favorite oversize coat look yet? I have!

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