DIY ombre dyed sweater + applications


For some time I wanted to dye a sweater with a gradient (ombre) technique. So this time I went a little further and I embellished the sweater with crystal applications. Now it’s a completely different garment and has a more elegant look.



  • Sweater, cardigan or jersey (light color)
  • Textile dye (darker and contrast color)
  • Needle and thread or textile glue
  • Applications, studs or buttons
  • Scissors and marker



1. Wash the sweater and leave it wet.

2. Depending on what kind of dye you purchased, dilute some color in water and submerge the garment in a right angle to where you want the gradient to start, leave a few minutes and remove.

3. Add all the dye and re-immerse the garment about 20 cm less. Leave the garment into the dye to absorb slowly and the gradient becomes more progressive.

4. Take the sweater out after 30 minutes and remove the excess dye with water.


5. Let the garment dry. (Do not leave it in direct sunlight, nor near any heat).


6. If you have the same type of applications that I have (in a chain) separate them in to pieces.


7. Arrange the pieces where you like on the garment.


8. Mark with a pen or marker under each application to keep your design.


9. Sew each application or glue them to the sweater.


This sweater has gone from being a basic boring garment to a much more special sweater. I think it would be great with jeans or a short skirt.

Would you try this technique?


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