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Despite the short time we have left to move in to the fall season, I couldn’t resist making a tutorial for DIY shorts. I call this type of shorts “Wrap shorts” because you wear them rolled around  your waist. This technique is very easy  and you can make them very fast.

In this tutorial I will show how easy it is to make your sarong shorts or “wrapshorts” using a scarf.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short materials


• Large Scarf or shawl

• Pins

• Sewing Machine

• Measuring tape

• Sheet of paper and pencil

• Scissors

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 1


1. Fold the sheet in half and cut a curve in one of the joints, so that the opening remains like a “U”.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 2

2. Open the scarf and decide where you’d like to cut remembering to leave enough length.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 3

3. Cut two rectangles of: the length of your waist + ¾ more + for desired pant length (example: waist 70cm + 52.50cm = 122.50 cm x 45 cm length.)

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 4


4. Place the U template right in the middle of the width of your 2 rectangles and cut out.

5. Sew the U.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 5

6. Sew the hem on the edges remaining.

7. When you unfold the short it should look like this.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 6


8. Cut 2 strips twice the length of your waist and sew them on the front of the waist area.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 7

9. Flip the strip to the back and sew it on, closing the tip of the strips.

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short step 8

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short front Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short back

Plan B anna evers DIY wrap scarf short

These kinds of shorts are very easy to make and fit many sizes and different bodies. You can choose to wear them high waisted or wear them lower on the hips.

¡I hope you will be inspired to make these pants with an old scarf you don’t use anymore!

Until the next DIY!!!

23 thoughts on “DIY wrap scarf short

  1. Alison

    Gracias por el tutorial , estoy muy animada para hacer el short ya que tengo los materiales , yo voy a cojer un pareo ..Un besote

  2. jenka

    i dont understand the streip part, there is no knot in the back holding it in place? is the two strips connected on the front of the waist and then sewn on aka continuing on the back-side-front? does this make it unstretchy?

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hi Jenka, Thanks for your comment 🙂 I’ts totally the same at the back, you have to knot it at the back too. The short looks completely the same from the back and the front 😉

  3. Jenka

    Oh! I see, was wondering about that cause it was bit hard to see if there was a backknot in the pic!:S Thank you for the lovely inspiration! now i dare cut into my blackwhite buttefly printed scarf^u^

    1. annaevers Post author

      hehehe!!! Just remember to measure everything carefully before you touch the scissors 😉 I hope you have fun with this DIY !!! And feel free to share your results with all of us on FB or twitter !!! 😀

  4. noa

    i really love these and i have the most perfect scarf to make them…it’s just too bad i can barely understand the tutorial…haha…i feel like an idiot…HELP!!!

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hi Noa! 🙂 Did you read the tut in English? You can read the tut in English and Spanish. Just select the button at the right.You will need a big scarf for this DIY. You have to make 2 pieces (same size rectangle) and cut out a U form in the middle and sew that U joining the 2 rectangles… 😉

      1. noa

        hi hi…yea, i read it in english…if i read it in spanish, i will understand even less… 😉 i just have a comprehension problem…and i guess the photos are just a bit unclear….i am so lost after step 2 haha…i fold the scarf so it’s a rectangle yes? then cut out the u shape and sew the u…then i am lost…do i open it? if i open it i will have a large square with an oval in the middle? you said 2 pieces…so do i have 2 SEPARATE rectangles with a u in the middle? looking like a bridge of some sort? how do i connect them to shorts? i’m sorry…haha…i suck…i wish the photos/explanation were just clearer…actually…it’s not you…it’s me…

        1. annaevers Post author

          Hi again Noa!, no problem! let’s see if I can help you out with your doubt 😉 Yes, you fold the scarf in to a rectangle (and separate them in to two equal pieces, one in top of the other) then cut out the U form. Sew this U form together(joining the 2 rectangles) this way wen you open it, you have two rectangles that are just joined (sewn together) at the U form) (see picture over step 6) after that you just have to finish the edges and sew the waist band (see picture over step 8) PS ( the U form goes in your crotch) 😉 Hope this helps sweetie… If you are not still sure, try it out making a mini prototype on a doll…. this way you will see better all the steps and not make any mistakes with your cool scarf 😉 good luck!

  5. elle

    I am just wondering how you decide on the length of the shorts and on the size of the paper/u shape
    thanks 🙂 i love these, very keen to try them!

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hi Elle! You have to make the same size U for everybody. (A4 paper size) and the length depends on you. Try to make it a bit longer that wat you want and then you can always cut a bit off. 😉

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hola Ana, si te fijas bien en las fotos veras como hacerlo, en las puntas de la “U” son las que te quedan en el medio de tu ombligo y espalda. Espero te ayude 😉

  6. Ana

    Muuuchas gracias!! si, lo fui haciendo con un papel y entendi perfecto!! es hermoso, solo que redondee las puntas y le puse puntilla!!! que lindas cosas, postea mas!!! desde argentina me sirve mucho esto!!!!


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