DIY pompom keychain


Have you searched for your keys in your bag and you can’t find them? You can’t feel them? You look inside and can’t see them? Let’s make a practical and cute keychain so you don’t have this problem anymore!

With this keychain when you feel the yarn pompom inside your bag you’ll know were your keys are right away … I’ve also used neon colors so it can be easier to be seen inside.

Feel like making pompoms?



  • yarn
  • scissors
  • hook key chain


1. Begin to coil the yarn around your finger. (If you want a biggest pompom do it with two fingers).


2. When you have a big amount of yarn coiled to your finger, insert through the middle of the coil a piece of yarn about 30cm.


3. Take it out of your finger and make a strong knot with the extra piece of yarn you had introduced in step 2.


4. Cut all the loops up.


5. The pompon will look messy and asymmetrical.


6. Cut off all the ends to even the pompom.


7. Here’s your finished pompom. Remember not to cut the extra yarn piece.

8. Tie the pompom with the extra piece of yarn to the hook keychain and introduce your keys.

I used this type of hook keychain so you can also hang it on your purse, your necklace and even on your ponytail. A super versatile and easy to make DIY!

8 thoughts on “DIY pompom keychain

  1. Missa

    Me encanta! Con lo que adoro los pompones y lo que adoro los llaveros, no sé cómo no está esto ya en mi bolso!
    Mil gracias por la idea!!!


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