DIY Overalls / DIY Dungarees

Planb B anna evers DIY dungareesPlan B anna evers DIY Overalls DIY

It’s official ! I am addicted to dungarees/overalls ! And this season they are certainly a must! Whether they are denim (old school style) for a more casual and relaxed look, or other fabrics and cuts a little more modern, for a polished look for work.

A reader wrote asking me to do a tutorial for DIY overalls. And as you know girls I’m all ears to your advice and requests … So Here it goes DIY dungarees/overalls tutorial from basic pants!

Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls Materials


  • Basic Pants (I used this DIY pants with transparencies, remember?)
  • Fabric (in this case I chose the same sheer fabric from the sides) and an other fabric like the pants to make the central pocket
  • Poppers
  • Thick ribbon
  • 4 rings, the shape you prefer
  • Scissors and pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine

Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls step 1


1. Cut a rectangle the size of your torso (measured from up to your armpits to the beginning of your pants) Leave a 1cm margin around the edges.

2. Cut another rectangle of the other fabric to make the central pocket.

Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls step 2

3. Sew the edges of the two rectangles.

Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls step 3

4. Position and sew the pocket on the larger rectangle.

5. Cut two pieces of ribbon (15-20cm) and sew on each upper end of the big rectangle.

Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls step 4Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls step 5

6. Hand Sew the poppers on the inside of the waistband of your pants and at the bottom of the rectangle. (So you can take it off and put it on smoothly and use the original pants whenever you want)

Plan B anna evers DIY Overalls step 6

7. Cut two more long pieces of ribbon for the back. At the ends of each piece sew two rings and at the other end poppers to the back.

Plan B anna evers DIY sheer OverallsPlan B anna evers DIY black Overalls

And voila! This DIY dungarees/overalls is super easy to do and it’s practical that you can transform it back to the original version of the pants. The rings will help you adjust the DIY dungarees/overalls perfectly. And you can cross the straps at the back or not.

I hope you like this technique to make a dungarees/overalls

Thanks for reading! Until the next post DIY’ers!!

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