DIY pallet table


This time I decided to go a little further and make a bigger DIY project. A sofa table for the center of my living room … But do not panic, it’s super easy to do and will cost you very little …and use some recycled materials!


First things first … You’ll need this piece that many of you already know … the famous pallet. If you have a good smile you can get it free at a department store or a factory.


· 4 bolt wheels. (you can buy them at a hardware store) but you can opt for metal wheels or old legs for a more vintage look.

· Screws and screwdriver to mount the wheels.

· White matt paint or color of your choice (water based)

· Brush or foam roller.

· Sandpaper


· Glass plate, the same pallet size (I had this old glass from another table)

· If you want, paint over with matte varnish to prevent staining and the surface will last longer (recommended for homes with pets and / or children).



1. Sandpaper the edges to remove any slivers of wood and smooth surface.


2. Paint the entire pallet with one or two coats depending on how you want to the final look. (I have given only one coat because I wanted the veins to be seen) Let dry everything very well.



3. Screw the wheels or legs at the four corners with screws and screwdriver or electric screwdriver.



4. If you have the chance, put a glass plate on the table. If not, I suggest you varnish very well the surface so it doesn’t absorb any drop of coffee, wine, tea … that may spill and stain the table.


Put it in the center of your living room and enjoy it with your best company!


What better that your guests compliment the table? and you say ….I made it myself! 😉


25 thoughts on “DIY pallet table

  1. Esther M

    hola anna, preciosa tu sala!!! jijiji yo hice una mesa para el patio de la casa de mi madre con las patas de escritorio de ikea 😛 un abrazo

  2. Elena

    Hola Anna,

    Una pregunta, has sugetado de alguna forma el cristal al pallet? Estoy haciendo mi propia mesa 🙂 y pensaba que sería buena idea ponerle el cristal pero mi duda es si engancharlo al pallet o dejarlo tan solo encima suelto.

    Un saludo y gracias!

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hola Elena! Yo no he fijado el cristal, solo lo he puesto encima y ya 😉 Como pesa mucho ya de por si es difícil que se mueva de sitio, y te será mas fácil quitarlo para limpiar después 😀 Muacha suerte con tu mesa palé!! me haría mucha ilusión si me mandas una foto de tu resultado 😀

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  4. Jamile

    This is great! I’m doing this for my senior design project at school 🙂 great great idea love it! oh and just wondering how much the glass cost and where you got it?

    1. annaevers Post author

      HI Jamile! How cool!! I had the glass from an other table, so I din’t buy it. It probably depends were you buy it, try emailing differente places so you can compaer the prices. Good luck with your project!!! 😀


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