DIY Silver maxi necklace


I love complex maxi necklaces with big chains! But many times when looking at a maxi necklace I like in a store the price is not my friend… That’s why I couldn’t resist making a Maxi DIY chain necklace in silver (and plus a few tricks of where to get these huge chains very cheap) 😉

PlanB_annaevers_collar1 copy


  • Thick chain (I’ve got this chain that appears to be metal but is plastic and is super lightweight  just for 2€ in an oriental bazaar, in the “bling bling” man section)
  • Medium chain (Here is a little secret: It’s a dog chain, which you can get in an oriental bazaar too for the modest price of 1€)
  • The crystal trimmings (I used a leftover from another DIY “Drama Necklace”, you can get in a haberdashery)
  • Crystals or rhinestones of your liking
  • Jewelry rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Fishing line or ribbon or silver cord
  • Glue and fabric or foam for a base

PlanB_annaevers_collar2 copyPlanB_annaevers_collar3 copy




1. Make a composition with the crystals gluing them on the piece of fabric or foam.


2. When it’s dry, cut around the edge.

PlanB_annaevers_collar4 copy

3. Measures the length you want for your necklace and cut the chains.

PlanB_annaevers_collar5 copy

4. Join the chains linking them with fishing line, ribbon or cord like if you were sewing them together.

PlanB_annaevers_collar6 copy

5. I decided to use silver ribbon to give it a thicker look.

PlanB_annaevers_collar7 copyPlanB_annaevers_collar8 copy

6. Finally join the last chain with the crystals the same way.

PlanB_annaevers_collar9 copy

7. Find the midpoint of the necklace and place with rings the crystal composition from step 1.

PlanB_annaevers_collar10 copy

8. Put more single crystals on each side of the large crystal composition symmetrically.

PlanB_annaevers_collar11 copyPlanB_annaevers_collar12 copy

9. To close the necklace tie a piece of ribbon or string at the end to close it.


This type of necklace looks good with different looks, whether worn with jeans and a tee for a casual look or a simple summer dress for a cocktail or special dinner.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, it’s very easy to do and the materials are very easy to get too 🙂

Until a new DIY!

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