DIY Origami bird

Plan B anna evers DIY Origami bird DIYPlan B anna evers DIY Origami bird tut

One of the decorative pieces that I have in my living room, is this branch with small hanging origami birds. Although is very simple, everyone who comes to my house asks about how to make these. I love origami birds, my Danish family always make them. For me it’s a little piece of my family at home and today I will share with you how I make them. They are very easy to make and you can put them in any corner of your home or office. Want to try?

IMG_5386 copy


  • Printed or smooth sheets of origami paper ( You can find them at  TIGUER
  • Scissors
  • Beads or pearls
  • Needle and thread

Plan B anna evers DIY Origami bird


It’s easier to follow the images that explain step by step. At the end you just have to pass the needle with thread through the origami bird and place a bead below and you can hang them wherever you like.

* I’ve also attached the Tiguer tutorial to make origami birds. HERE

Plan B anna evers DIY Origami bird

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