DIY pom pom Choker


I love accessories that add color and life to our look. When using accessories with colors near the face, like necklaces or earrings. It illuminates and highlight our best features.

In this tutorial I transformed a basic choker necklace I bought for 2€! to an ethnic style necklace with ribbons and pompoms.

Feel like DIY’ing yours?





  • Basic Choker (I bought this in a haberdashery in Seville, but I have seen them in oriental bazaars and cheap jewelry shops.)
  • Pompom ribbon
  • Clear glue
  • Mini bells
  • Thread, needle and scissors
  • Crystal Trimmings


  • Color ribbons (I chose cherry red, turquoise and orange)



1. This step seems more complicated than it is. But it is actually very simple. Just go rund with the ribbon in the holes of the choker, like sewing the choker with the ribbon.


2. Do it in color sections, the first color on the top edge. Then, another color in between.


3. Finally at the bottom, pass the ribbon twice in each hole of the choker.



4. With one of the ribbons ends, twist around the ends and glue them.


5. Sew or glue the pompon ribbon to the bottom.



6. Glue the crystal trimming to the pompon ribbon.


7. To give an extra ethnic touch, I hooked a bell between each pompon.



This choker necklace is perfect with basic pieces like jeans and T-shirt for everyday use or combine it with a chiffon blouse or a jacket for a more formal look.

If you don’t find a basic choker like this, you can do exactly the same using a thick chain.

What color would you do yours?

9 thoughts on “DIY pom pom Choker

  1. Sara

    Qué preciosidad en serio! Me encanta muchísimo. Muy bien escogidos los colores

    Te sigo en bloglovin, muchos besos!

    DIY, recetas, fashion&beauty:

  2. Willit

    You’re very creative. The choker looks stunning. I’m afraid I don’t have the vision to see all those odds and ends and imagine that they could turn into something so much more special. I wish I could think like that.

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hey Willit! Thank you! Sometimes it’s just thinking out of the box or not being afraid to go a little crazy. 😛 The worst think that can happen is that the project goes wrong … and then, in most cases you can just try to start over! Also looking into things that inspires you helps you open the imagination 🙂 I hope this helps! thank’s you your comment!! xox


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