DIY leather + studs skirt


Have you been thinking about how to transform your classic skirt? How to give it a more current look? Here I show you a tutorial on how to make your basic office skirt to a garment with lots of character and very trendy look…



  • Classic Skirt
  • Leather or synthetic leather (I did it with synthetic leather)
  • Studs (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine



1. Open your skirt joining the sides.

2. Cut fron the front to the back creating a gentle curve. (view photo)


3. This is how it should look (longer behind).


4. Measure a piece of leather folded in two in the front center. Draw the curve you want and cut.


5. Sew to the skirt and re-sew the waistband.


6. Measure all around the bottom. In my case I measured 100 cm.


7. To cut the flounce:

  • Fold the leather in 4
  • Divide into 6 the amount you measured the bottom. Example: 100cm / 6 = 16.66 cm
  • Measure from the corner you folded, 16.66 cm from point “a” to points “b” (view photo)
  • Measure from the point “b” the length you want your flounce (I did 25 cm)
  • Cut the 1/4 circle (you will have a full circle)


8. Sew your flounce to the bottom of the skirt.


9. Being synthetic skin you don’t need to hem the edges.


10. (optional) Place the studs where you want them and close them behind.


Here’s your skirt! Ready for impact! It’s a skirt you can wear with a vintage T-shirt for a more rock n’ roll look, or a silk shirt for a more feminine look.

Do you dare to transform your basic skirt with leather and studs?

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