DIY Makeup bag (free pattern)

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag.

Hello DIY‘ers! Happy Monday to you! I’m very exited because I’m going to America in some days to my brother’s graduation… And of course I can’t go on this trip without some DIY pieces. Summer is almost here and most of us will do a little vacation trip too, right? So I created a DIY Travel Kit, with different pieces for your convenience when traveling. So let’s start with an easy one, let’s make a DIY makeup bag.

The problem I’ve had with makeup bags, is that it’s almost inevitable that eye shadow, eyeliner or blush ends up staining the bag inside… and your cute makeup bag ends up looking like a piñata of colors and stains inside, and there’s no way to clean that! So with this bag, I decided to make it with a plastic liner to make it very easy to clean with a damp cloth if any accident happens. So let’s start, DO IT YOURSEL TRAVEL KIT  starts now!

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag materials


  • Canvas fabric
  • Thin plastic
  • Makeup bag Pattern Download HERE
  • Pins
  • Zipper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 1a


1. Place the pattern over the folded fabric and cut with 1cm margin at the edges ( 1 x fabric + 1 x plastic lining )

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 1

2. Place the lining behind the fabric and place the zipper on the edge above ( good side facing good side) and sew on the edge.

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 2

3. Sew the zipper to the other side too.

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 3

4. Sew with 1 cm margin each side of the case to close it.

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 4Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 5Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 6Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag step 7

5. So the bag can stand up and be more comfortable when using it, sew the two edges leaving a triangle of the same size, as in the images above . Turn the bag inside out and it’s ready!

Plan B anna evers DIY Makeup bag DIY

Isn’t it easy to do a makeup bag? It’s great for a handmade gift too.

I hope you liked this DIY and you will be excited to do the next tutorials of our DIY Travel Kit.

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