DIY Tube scarf

knitted tube scarf

For this winter season … what’s better than a warm tube scarf that gives a touch of color to your look? You don’t know how to knit? No Problem! With this DIY tutorial, I will show you step by step how to do basic crochet stitch … (video included)


You only need two materials: yarn and crochet hook.

knitting step 1

1. Make a loop (ring) with the yarn.

2. Pull the yarn through it to make the first knot.

knitting step 2

3. With the needle in the loop pull the yarn through it.

4. This will make a second loop to start the braid.

knitting step 3

5 and 6. Repeat again and again this process until you get the width desired for your scarf.

knitting step 4

7. When you have the desired length of the braid, make one more loop.

8. Start knitting back over your steps.

knitting step 5

9 and 10. Repeat this steps until you get length desired for your scarf and close the tube with the same stitch.

DIY knitted tube scarf

This is the tube scarf, make sure its loose enough to fit through your head and not ruin your hairdo.

final look tube scarf

I chose this salmon color because its great with blue jeans … what color would you choose for your scarf?

Until my next post!

20 thoughts on “DIY Tube scarf

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  2. irene

    la verdad esque llevaba tiempo queriendo hacer un cuello, pero tengo algunas preguntas,
    ¿que recomiendas mas , lana o algodon? ¿grosor de la lana/algodon? ¿tamaño del ganchillo? ¿al hacer el punto bajo, coges los dos hilos o solo el de atras?

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hola Irene, Yo utilicé algodón 100% (la lana me pica mucho) pero si te gusta la lana es mejor ya que no pesa tanto. Usé la aguja de ganchillo 4,5 y la lana un poco más gruesa. El punto de ganchillo que hago es el básico y no he contado los puntos… solo he hecho la primera cadena hasta la holgura que me gustara para pasar la cabeza y de ancho unos 15-20cm
      si tienes alguna duda mira este video:

      Espero te ayude 🙂

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hi Elsa, The only thing that will chance is the size of the “holes” between the knots… try to make some knots to see if you like the result so you try it out first before you start. 🙂


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