DIY Transform your old swimsuit (2 tutorials in 1 post)


Summer is just around the corner and DIY swimsuits proposals are a must! Transform and rebuild your old swimsuits and choose between these two DIY tutorial proposals: trikini and asymmetrical swimsuits designed for BuzzFeed DIY.

DIY Cut-out trikini


Transform your old boring swimsuit to a cut out trikini.



  • Bathing suit
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
  • Needle and thread
  • Key chain ring



1. Pull the bathing suit over a box or a chair to stretch it out. Mark with the chalk were you want to cut out at the waist leaving a piece in the front center of 10cm wide. Cut as clean as you can were you marked with the chalk.


2. Pull and pass the lower part of the bathing suit through the key chain and sew near the key chain so it wont move.


3. Do the same step with the top part of the bathing suit joining the whole bathing suit.


And the trikini it’s done! Just accessorize it with a chunky gold or silver necklace to complete a super cool beach lounge or pool look for this summer!!

DIY Woven asymmetrical bathing suit


Transform your old boring bathing suit to an asymmetrical woven bathing suit in less than 30 minutes!



  • Bathing suit
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
  • Needle and thread



1.Pull the bathing suit over a box or a chair to stretch it out. Mark with the chalk were you want to cut over one of the straps. And cut the strap of. Then fold less than one centimeter of the fabric in and sew with loose stich or zig-zag stich. Do the same step at the back cutting off the same strap that you cutted at the front.


2. Mark with the chalk from the strap to the back a nice curved line. Use this line as a guide and make small cuts of 4-5cm on all the line leaving a space of 2cm between each cut.


3. Now you can start weaving: start pulling over the fist cutted strap over the second and taking the second strap under and over the first one, pulling the straps down. (continue this process until the end).

(if you want to see the weaving process, check out this video on youtube) HERE


And it’s done!!! Ready to take a swim?!

Model: Paula Leoni / Foto: Anna Evers

19 thoughts on “DIY Transform your old swimsuit (2 tutorials in 1 post)

    1. annaevers Post author

      Gracias guapa!!! Es un poco más rigido de trabajar pero sin duda el tejido es muy agradecido en el resultado final! 😉

      Otro beso para ti!!!

  1. The Kipi Blog

    Hey there fellow BuzzFeeder! I just wanted to say I really liked your bathing suit projects — the weaving technique is so cool! Your DIYs are so well done, I’m glad we ended up doing the same project because it helped me find your awesome blog 🙂

    Marjorie from The Kipi Blog

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hola!!Gracias! Si con un bañador que ya tengas básico o sino uno de nadador baratito…. he visto algunos que cuestan unos 5€ en algunas tiendas de deporte low cost!! Buena suerte con el DIY 😉

  2. monica

    Muy bueba idea, la verdad qe el negro qedo monisimo. igual me pillo uno baratito en alguna tienda de deportes y experimento. dejare volar mi imaginacion mientras duermo. gracias!!!!

  3. L U C I

    Me encantan!!! tengo un bañador muy parecido al negro y se me cae un poco del lado que no tiene tirante, ¿que le pondrías para sujetarlo? Un saludo!!


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