DIY button ring


DIY button ring 3

Do you like statement rings that give you that unique and original look?

You can do all the rings you want using buttons, whether it’s from old clothes, or a vintage garment  or one you like from your favorite haberdasher. Look for your super glue and let’s make button rings!

DIY button ring 7

  • Button of your choice
  • Cutting plier
  • Super glue
  • Basic ring (you can make the base ring with wire if you don’t want to buy a ring)

DIY button ring 6


1. Remove the base (the loop) of the button with your cutting plier.

DIY button ring 5

DIY button ring 4

2. Glue the basic ring to the back of the button with the super glue and let it dry.

DIY button ring 1


I picked this white button because it reminded me of a porcelaine piece.


There are gold buttons, silver buttons, inlaid stone buttons, wood buttons … You can choose your favorite!

DIY button ring 2


Isn’t this super easy?!!

A cheap and fun way to make rings …And it’s a great gift idea!

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  1. paula francisco

    Thanks Anna for all your great tips! I make jewelery but would never have thought of this. Look forward to more of your super ideas.


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