DIY Oversize coat

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat (back)

And finally we have our collaboration post! This time is a very special collaboration, together with other amazing bloggers have helped with the campaign Donate Fashion from Humana Spain.

For those who live outside of Spain, or simply do not know what Humana is, it’s a foundation that helps promote training and education in other countries. All this by selling textile waste, second-hand clothes. You too can help by donating clothes and buying second hand fashion at Humana.

I chose this men coat (one of my secrets is that I buy a lot in the men section) is a fairly classic and masculine coat and with just a few stitches and some ribbon I customized without losing its essence in a coat XXL. Now I have a trendy coat yet unique, and it only cost me 20 € !

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat (before)

This is the coat I chose. It’s a masculine coat size L.

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat materials


  • Satin ribbon or bias ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat step 1


1. So you can understand what I’ve done with the shape and volume of this coat, I have illustrated this picture. I removed the sleeves volume (on each side, from shoulder to bottom) and have shortened the sleeves over my wrists. This will give your this XXL coat look but without the Frankenstein look with wide shoulders.

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat step 2

2. Mark with pins where your are going to sew in the arms and where the sleeves are being shortened.

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat step 3

3. Cut the sleeves.

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat step 5

4.  I put bias ribbon on the middle of the entire back. Lifting the neck all the way down under the coat. You can sew by hand or sewing machine.

Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat step 6

5. Sew the ribbon on the seam where you sewed the side of the sleeves. And to make the hem of the sleeves, do it with bias ribbon, as we did in this post.

Plan B anna evers DIY Oversize Coat Plan B anna evers DIY oversize coat DIYPlan B anna evers DIY oversize coat detail

I hope you enjoyed this DIY oversize coat look, I’m in love with this coat! It’s super comfortable and I love the fact that it’s second hand and has a secret history between the seams…

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7 thoughts on “DIY Oversize coat

  1. Pepe Oliva

    Que bonito eso de “de que sea de segunda mano y tenga alguna historia secreta entre sus costuras…”, no lo había pensao, pero es verdad!
    Yo por lo pronto miro en los bolsillos por si me encuentro algun billetico o monedica, jeje.

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hola Pepe!! pues si, es divertido imaginarse de quien podría haber sido este abrigo… imagínate que hubiera sido de un gran personaje o hasta de algún integrante de la mafia! jajaja yo también he mirado en todos los bolsillos!! jejeje… 😉

  2. Jane

    This is fabulous! I have an old raincoat that is super long that I am going to refashion. I haven’t quite hit on a design yet, but I am inspired by this. I wonder if you can tell me where you get bias ribbon.

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hi Jane! I’m so happy you liked my refashion coat 😀 The bias ribbon I can buy it in almost any haberdashery in Barcelona. There are lots of colors and also printed ones. 😀 Good luck!!!


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