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Inspiration white eyelet fabric

Inspiration white eyelet fabric

Hello DIY’ers! How is your summer going so far? Here in Barcelona it’s waaaay hot! Today we have a post of inspiration with a material that I love! Is the eyelet fabric, also known as the embroidered cotton fabric (It has a thousand different names, What do you call it?)

Here you can see some different ways in which it can be applied for a summery look. One of my favorite is the skirt, with shorter lining so you can see the legs silhouette. So, can you already predict the next DIY?

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DIY Boho shirt

Plan B anna evers DIY Boho shirt DIYPlan B anna evers DIY Boho shirt

Hello there! Did you like the selection of images of the last post inspiration bohemian shirt? Here you have a DIY tutorial for you to transform a basic shirt or tunic into a more boho chic style shirt. You can use a man’s shirt too. It’ll look great with your jeans or your shorts! Personally I think the pieces with a bohemian vibe are ideal for summer. What do you think?

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DIY Toilet bag

IMG_0272 copyIMG_0273 copy

Hello DIY’ers, here is the last post from our DIY Travel Kit series. I loved making this travel kit, I’ve been lucky to use it a couple of times now and I would use it again next weekend for a little wedding getaway.

In this post I will show you how easy it is to make a cosmetic bag or as popularly known as a toilet Bag. The truth is that this is a multifunction bag, I have called it a toilet bag because to me it is very comfortable to carry my toiletries together (creams, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, among other things…) But the truth is that you can use this type of bag to carry shoes or also keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes inside your suitcase… the inside contents are for you to decide 😉

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DIY Secret hanger (free pattern)

Plan B anna evers DIY Secret hanger (free pattern)  step 6Plan B anna evers DIY Secret hanger (free pattern)

Hello DIY‘ers! Are you traveling this summer? I hope so! Here I present you with a new post from our DIY Travel Kit series.

One of our fears when traveling is our security, especially if going to an unknown place and we are staying in a hostel or hotel… Today, many hotels have safety boxes in the rooms, but some don’t. This happened to me when I traveled to Thailand last summer. You are put in the position of going out with all your money, cards, documents, passport on you, and eventually you end up overwhelmed. In this case, you can use what I have called the DIY secret hanger. Here you can store whatever you want without being noticed where your stuff is.

Want to make your own? It’s easy!

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DIY pineapple smoothie by Organicus

Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie ingredients

To begin our pineapple week, let’s toast with this delicious smoothie that Ana from Organicus has prepared for us. This girl is amazing! Apart from being super nice, she writes a very interesting blog that I 100% recommend. It’s simply a must! Ana, has PhD in Biology (Neuroscience) and on her blog she shares how to make DIY style products, tips and tricks for a more Bio lifestyle. From tips and recipes for cosmetics to toiletries, household and food.

This exquisite and easy to make recipe opens our Pineapple week on the blog. You can also read about the benefits of pineapple on her blog that Ana tells us. Let’s start with the recipe!


  • 1 pineapple
  • 250 ml coconut cream
  • 15 g ginger
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon

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Inspiration: Pineapple


I want summer now!! I have not been able to resist this juicy trend. The Pineapple, I love to eat this fruit plus is a fruit with a very fun and interesting shape. Whether you use it for decoration, implemented in fashion or just to enjoy its taste… This fruit is IN! Be inspired by these images and let’s welcome what I have officially called the “Pineapple Week”! We will make DIY’s in honor of this delicious fruit and have a very special guest post on the blog…so stay tuned! Happy start of the week!

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DIY Animal print slip-on

Plan B anna evers DIY Snake line slip onPlan B anna evers DIY Snake slip on

Slip-ons, no lace sneakers, slip on sneakers, or skaters… whatever it is you call them they are here, and stepping very strong in the trends this season! Personally I declare my love for the ones from Céline. But let’s be realistic, my pocket and that price have nothing in common. It’s an impossible relationship… So join me all you DIY’ers that always are looking for a Plan B when it comes to dressing trendy and not having to rob a bank. Let’s declare our unconditional love for DIY! Let’s make our own slip-ons with animal print

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DIY Clutch with latch

Plan B anna evers DIY Clutch with latch DIY

Hello DIY’ers! Today I will show you a DIY proposal to customize your bag. You can transform any bag with a special touch just with a visit to the hardware store. In this case, I found a latch closure that i loved, and placing it on my faux python clutch I bought on my trip to Thailand, makes it a unique and different piece. Join in and go to your nearest hardware store… I’m sure you will find a piece that will delight you too.

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Winner of the double giveaway with Santa Casilda!!!!!

Plan B anna evers DIY giveaway with Santa Casilda 2

First of all, thanks to everybody for participating! We have loved all your e-mails, comments and likes! Thank you so much, you are the best! We have felt very supported and loved! If we could, we would send prizes for all of you! But this time, only one could be the winner.

The lucky number of the list, is number 49! The winner is Aradhya! Congratulations! We will contact you shortly to send your present to your home so you can use it for the holidays.

Happy holidays to all and thank you for supporting us!