6 Blazer DIY’s

6 blazer DIY's from Plan B anna evers

Hello DIY‘ers! I have been wanting to make a brief summary of the blazers and jackets we did last year, and here it is!… I’m personally addicted to blazers and I love combining different styles with them. In this overview, you will see the different DIY’s we did, from updating with a little paint, to making a blazer from scratch with free download pattern! If you missed this tutorials here you can see them all! 🙂

Lace up blazer DIY Plan B anna eversDIY lace up blazer from Plan B anna evers

Lace up blazer, enter HERE to see the full tut.

Zipper blazer from Plan B anna eversDIY zipper blazer Plan B anna evers

Zipper blazer DIY, you can zip on and off the part below to have 2 different lengths blazers. HERE

DIY fold over paint blazer Plan B anna eversFold over paint blazer DIY Plan B anna evers

Psico-chic paint touch on the back, see how in less than 5 minutes HERE.

From blazer to waistcoat DIY Plan B anna eversFrom blazer to waistcoat DIY Plan B anna evers DIY

Recycling your dads, boyfriend or brothers old blazer, make a cool waistcoat. See how HERE.

Pom pom and lace blazer DIY plan B anna eversPom pom & lace blazer DIY Plan B anna evers

The most romantic and feminine blazer from this resume. Check out the tut HERE.

Free pattern blazer DIY Plan B anna eversDIY free blazer pattern from Plan B anna evers

In this tutorial you can download a free blazer pattern and follow the instructions to sew your pattern step by step. HERE

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5 thoughts on “6 Blazer DIY’s

  1. Lydia

    I’m inspired to try sewing when I come across your blog post on how to sew a summer jacket – http://planb.annaevers.com/en/diy-chaqueta-primavera-verano-patron-gratis/

    I wanted to have a jacket/casual coat which I can match with dresses. However, I find it difficult to get the right size for myself. My shoulder length is 42 cm. Most of the coats that I saw have short shoulder length. It’d be uncomfortable to wear. Then, I thought of making one myself. However, the problem I’m facing is the fact that I don’t have a sewing machine. I’m wondering if you will make a blog post of how to sew a blazer by hand?? Is it even possible actually to sew by hand???

    Looking forward for your reply.

    1. annaevers Post author

      Hi Lydia, you can always sew it by hand just the same way you sew it by machine… the only difference is the patience you are going to need… because ¡it will take you ages! but it’s not imposible. An other trick is to try the paper pattern on before you cut up the fabric to see if you will need more shoulder margin… and try to use a stretchy fabric, it’s much more confortable to move in 😉 good luck sweetie!

      1. Lydia

        Thanks for your reply. Hmm, I’m not too familiar with sewing.. that’s why I’m feeling so lost like from where I should start exactly if I want to hand sew this jacket. Also, must I print it on a big piece of paper?

        1. annaevers Post author

          Hi Lydia, you should start by following the same steps as the tutorial shows. Just with the difference og hand stitching every step. And you have to print the pattern on a big scale printer at the 100% (view) resolution size. This way you will get the pattern at the perfect size. 😉 Good luck!!!


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