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DIY Animal print slip-on

Plan B anna evers DIY Snake line slip onPlan B anna evers DIY Snake slip on

Slip-ons, no lace sneakers, slip on sneakers, or skaters… whatever it is you call them they are here, and stepping very strong in the trends this season! Personally I declare my love for the ones from Céline. But let’s be realistic, my pocket and that price have nothing in common. It’s an impossible relationship… So join me all you DIY’ers that always are looking for a Plan B when it comes to dressing trendy and not having to rob a bank. Let’s declare our unconditional love for DIY! Let’s make our own slip-ons with animal print

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DIY Clutch with latch

Plan B anna evers DIY Clutch with latch DIY

Hello DIY’ers! Today I will show you a DIY proposal to customize your bag. You can transform any bag with a special touch just with a visit to the hardware store. In this case, I found a latch closure that i loved, and placing it on my faux python clutch I bought on my trip to Thailand, makes it a unique and different piece. Join in and go to your nearest hardware store… I’m sure you will find a piece that will delight you too.

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DIY Marble print shirt

Plan B anna evers: DIY Marble print Plan B anna evers DIY Marble print DIY

Hello DIY’ers! Following the last post “Inspiration marble print” I wanted to sign up for this trend too. I made a DIY painting a shirt with this marble motif… There are many ways and techniques to achieve this stone on fabric… Here you will see the one I used to make my shirt. I hope you like it, you can see more Marble print inspiration on our Pinterest.

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Inspiration: Marble Print

Plan B anna evers Inspiration marble print 4

I’ve been seeing this print trend some moths ago that I L-O-V-E! The marble print gives a sober yet modern touch to any look. This print can be combined with any color and I find it very chic. Marble is a natural stone that always has a different drawing on the surface. There are many types and colors of marble. There will never be two alike. So I think it’s the perfect inspiration to make a DIY, because everyone can create their own marble print. What do you think about this trend?

Mores Marble print inspiration in our Pinterest page!

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DIY Chain hair pins

Plan B anna evers DIY Chain Hair pins DIYPlan B anna evers DIY Chain Hair pins

 Thinking about what to wear on Valentine’s day? How can you complement that special dress you bought on sale you’re dying to wear for the first time?… I’ll show you a simple DIY for FREE you can make in less than 5 minutes and it will give you a special touch to any hairstyle you wear on the amour day! Whether you wear your hair loose, straight or curly, or you wear a bun or a ponytail… You can complement it with these Chain Hair pins that give a different but subtle touch to your outfit. Ah! And don’t forget to wear a passion red lipstick to complete your look! 😉

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Inspiration: Plant in a can


Hello DIY’ers! Here a little inspiration project that serves both as decoration for a special corner of your house, or to make a fun and different gift. And it’s as simple as planting a Cactus in a can. If you manage to get Mexican products cans, I think it looks even better (like canned jalapeños, sauces or chili). Or you can opt for a vintage style tin can or coffee cans. I loved this idea and I think it can add a touch of color and fun to any room, plus we are recycling our cans!!. I hope you like it as much as me 😉

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Tip: How to adjust a shirt

Plan b anna evers DIY Tip: how to tailo a shirt

You have probably once bought a blouse, a shirt or a dress you believed needed a little more shaping and form that could hug your curves in a better way, and you were not sure how to adjust a shirt (the professional way).

I’ll show you a simple tip that you can apply to all your top pieces to shape that garment to your body a little more and be more flattering than the typical “sack of potatoes” style cut. The solution is very simple: Set a shirt with notches. I’ll show you how to make them, how to sew them and how to iron them.

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