Monthly Archives: January 2014

DIY Fur tube scarf

Plan B anna evers DIY Faux Fur tube scarf

Let’s be honest, this season we have to make practical things that keeps us warm, because this cold is just unforgiving… This time I will show you how you can make a Fur tube scarf (fake fur obviously) that will go well with any of your coats and it will keep warm this winter…  Get inspired with this tutorial and make your own DIY Fur tube scarf with this easy tut.

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DIY Lingerie skirt

Plan B anna evers DIY Lingerie skirt DIYPlan B anna evers DIY Lingerie skirt

Hello DIY’er! Have you already bought all the shop on sales? I found this basic black knit skirt for only 3€. I was unable to resist making a lingerie skirt that is so IN this season. It can also be made on a dress or top. It looks great combined with a thick knit sweater, as it balances the ” fine” and “fragile” lace with the thickness of the sweater… I love this contrast!. In this post you will see how easy it is to make a DIY Lingerie skirt! Do not let this season pass without wearing a garment inspired by lingerie 😉

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6 Blazer DIY’s

6 blazer DIY's from Plan B anna evers

Hello DIY‘ers! I have been wanting to make a brief summary of the blazers and jackets we did last year, and here it is!… I’m personally addicted to blazers and I love combining different styles with them. In this overview, you will see the different DIY’s we did, from updating with a little paint, to making a blazer from scratch with free download pattern! If you missed this tutorials here you can see them all! 🙂

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DIY Accessorize your hat

PlanB anna evers DIY Accessorize your hat

Hello DIY‘er!!! Such a joy to begin this new year with so many goals, dreams and wishes! I hope you have a lot as well. Always being positive, working hard and being constant in all we do, will insure this year to be even better than last year! And since we are starting this year, let’s also start  with the first tutorial of 2014! Easy and quick to do, but with a very cool final look!

My grandfather always used to tell me that diseases enter through the head, and he always said we should wear a hat or cap during the cold seasons… So to remember my grandfather I made this DIY dedicated to him. Get inspired too, and customize your winter hat!

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