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DIY Party top

Plan B anna evers DIY Party top b/W

Hello DIY’ers! You may have already seen through Facebook, Twitter o Instagram, that I’m spending these holydays with my family in my beloved island, Dominican Republic. I didn’t want to pass these days without showing a DIY Party top to wear on New Year’s eve (or other parties) With a classic strap top you can give a touch of fun color or even transparent fabric at the back. In this case I used a sequined top and neon yellow silk to give a bold touch. Surprise everyone with a ‘POP’ of color for this great night!

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Inspiration: Open closet


A little cute closet always looks good. But let’s be honest… Not all of us can fit eveything in a small closet? Certainly not me! Here I show you some ideas to make an open closet. It’s a selection of ideas to inspire you with ways to keep an open wardrobe that looks good. The secret? Keep everything well organized by color or family. I hope you like it 🙂

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DIY Crystal statement necklace

Plan B anna evers DIY Statement necklace DIY

Hello DIY’ers! We could’t pass this season without a DIY Statement necklace tutorial to shine at dinners and parties! Statement necklaces are very IN, and is a good bet wen you want to give a special touch to your look! And you can do this by recycling your old jewelery and even some clothes… This is a braided fabric necklace with crystals. Look how easy it is to make your own…

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DIY Legging (free pattern)

Plan B anna evers DIY Legging with pattern

Hello DIY‘ers! CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ALL! As you already know my gifts consist of a FREE Pattern that you can download in this post! This time I give you one of my star patterns, it’s my favorite DIY Leggings pattern! This is a one-piece pattern that fits great and you can use to make thousands of leggings! I hope you like this version of elastic velvet fabric, you can make your own with the material and the fabric of your choice !

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Winner of the double giveaway with Santa Casilda!!!!!

Plan B anna evers DIY giveaway with Santa Casilda 2

First of all, thanks to everybody for participating! We have loved all your e-mails, comments and likes! Thank you so much, you are the best! We have felt very supported and loved! If we could, we would send prizes for all of you! But this time, only one could be the winner.

The lucky number of the list, is number 49! The winner is Aradhya! Congratulations! We will contact you shortly to send your present to your home so you can use it for the holidays.

Happy holidays to all and thank you for supporting us!


Inspiration: Decorate with twinkle lights


 The Christmas lights or Twinkle lights are one of my favorite things of this season… They illuminate every corner and always bring a magical touch. Here you can get inspired in many ways on how you can integrate them into your home decor. Whether is the classic lights used for the Christmas tree, the rain twinkle lights, the fun figurines lights or the latest lets strips. They will look great in your favorite corner, besides giving a warm light that permeate your home’s holiday spirit without being “too much“.

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DIY Lace ups with metallic plaque


The “metal” or “metallic ” finish comes stomping hard in this season. Whether it’s gold tone, bronze or silver (my favorite). We can see this trend very present in accessories and shoes. And as I always say: Why not make our DIY version!?

I got inspired by the shoes with metal plates from Marni and Céline to recreate this DIY low cost version Lace ups with metallic plaque. Very simple to make and you can remove it and put it on anytime. Transform any lacing shoe with this tutorial!

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Tip: Gift ideas for a DIY’er

Plan B anna evers DIY Tip: gift ideas for a DIY'er

This post is dedicated to both DIY’ers and people who know a DIY’er and want to get her or him something special for the holidays. It can be difficult to hit with a good gift for a DIY’er, but with this list you’ll see the categories organized by type of gift, which will make it all easier when choosing the perfect gift. We all know that there are many branches of DIY, but in this post I have focused on the “fashionistas” or DIY’ers interested in fashion and accessories. Keep reading to find the perfect gift with these ideas for your dear DIY’er this Christmas!

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