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DOUBLE Giveaway with santa Casilda

Santa Casilda Barcelona 10Santa Casilda Barcelona 8

Hello DIY’er! Did you think for a moment that I would forget to do a Christmas giveaway? What’s better than a free gift for the holidays! right? And it’s a DOUBLE giveaway! In colaboration with the new boutique Santa Casilda we are giving away a hand made headdress/bracelet with the last DIY earrings from Plan B blog, so you can give it for Christmas as a gift, or even better! For yourself!

Keep reading this post and discover Santa Casilda, the owners (Great DIY’ers) and participate in this INTERNATIONAL giveaway. So you can get this DOUBLE present we have prepared for you delivered to your front door, before the holidays!

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DIY Vintage inspired rhinestone earrings

Plan B DIY Vintage inspired rhinestone earrings DIY

I’m sure that like me, you are probably already thinking about what to wear for the holidays… Whether it’s for Christmas, company dinner, out with friends or new year’s eve. We all want to look spectacular. And we know that one of the key pieces that can frame our face nicely and accentuate any good look, are the earrings.

Don’t miss how you can make these DIY vintage inspired earrings, you can wear with different looks. You will see that the materials that you can use are very light and will not be uncomfortable to wear after hours of partying. Are you up for it?

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Tip: SOS Fashion tricks by Laura Opazo

Plan B anna evers DIY Tips by Laura Opazo 5

Hello DIY’ers! Today we have a very special post. The author of today’s post is our special guest Laura Opazo (check out her blog HERE). She is a stylist for TV productions and the commercial chief of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. If you live in Spain, you probably have seen her at her TV show “Moda reto” and “Que regalo” at Canal de Casa. I discovered Laura watching Canal de Casa and from the first moment I was hooked on her great fashion tips and advice.

Today Laura shares with us at Plan B some very cool tips and tricks for any trouble you might have with your clothes. From what to do if you spill nail polish on your favorite dress to how to make a hole in a belt with no punch.

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Inspiration: Advent calendar


It’s almost December… And Christmas is around the corner!!!. I love this time of the year, because in my family we celebrate Christmas with a cultural “REMIX style. Which makes it very special and unique, as we mix caribbean style Christmas (from Dominican Republic) with Danish Christmas traditions. And to top it off, my latest acquisition has been to integrate the Catalan Christmas culture in this compound of cultural contrasts. But really, is what makes my Christmas special! What about your Christmas, that makes it special?

In this post I share with you some inspirations images to make your own Advent calendar, which is one of my favorite traditions from Denmark. For those who do not know or have never seen this, it’s a ” countdown ” to Christmas Eve ( December 24th) The advent calendar usually comes in many forms, such as a card, a box of chocolates, a toys box… in Denmark you can buy them made ​​(and in many other northern countries) But why not make your own DIY version?! These bloggers have done some very cool DIY versions you can get inspired from. It is great to make with kids, give it to a friend or family member or give a surprise to your love! Every morning, from the 1st to 24th December, you can open a surprise, either a note, a sweet or a little something you want to share. And on the 24th, the surprise is often the best!! What do you think of this idea? Are you up for it?

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DIY Tassel slipper

Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper accessory Plan B anna evers DIY Tassel slipper front

A ‘Must’ to live in Barcelona is to have at least one pair of shoes that are comfortable and that looks good with all your daily outfits… because in this city you end up walking A LOT! (foreigners who live or have lived here, know what I mean) This is why without a good pair of leather flats you wont survive (I know, I sound dramatic…hehe). And what’s better than the famous slippers to fill in this role!?

These I have are from the Danish brand Ecco, and I love them. As they are basic black, you can play with them and “decorate” them creating accessories you can remove. As in the post DIY Buttons shoe accessory. Do you remember it? For this DIY you only need about 10 minutes and few materials to make your own accessory for your DIY tassel slippers.

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Inspiration: Branch rack

Taking a hike this season, it’s hard to resist the free materials that nature has to offer at this time of the year. Like the leaves in warm shades of orange and red, the chestnuts, and among other lovely things, the trunks and branches… That in many parts of the world now, we can get for free, as they begin to prune the trees and you can get them easily.

That’s why I wanted to show you these pictures of DIY Home inspiration. You can use a single branch to turn it into a functional and decorative piece. Remember THIS DIY using a branch? Here you can see how they have been used to create racks, where you can hang your clothes and make a cool open closet. I love this idea, and I think it’s super original! How about you, DIY’er?


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DIY Backpack

Plan B anna evers DIY Silver backpack

Hello DIY‘ers! In today’s post I’ll show the (anti – theft) DIY backpack that I used while in Thailand, and that I currently use in Barcelona (especially if I take the subway). This backpack has a hidden zipper in a fold, which only allows you to open the bag taking the backpack of, This way nobody can be able to take anything out without you knowing it… Do you like this idea!? Go ahead and learn how to make yours !

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