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DIY Key necklace

DIY PlAN B a n n a · e v e r s blog key necklace

A while ago I moved from my old flat… and a couple of days ago I found the key to my old home in a forgotten drawer. I thought I could do a cute DIY project with this little nice memory of that period of my life … So in this tutorial I’ll show you how to decorate an old key to make it a charm for a cool necklace.

Feel like recycling your keys?

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DIY From blazer to waistcoat 2.0

DIY Plan B  a n n a · e v e r s From blazer to waistcoat

DIY Plan B  a n n a · e v e r s from blazer to waistcoat 2.0

Some of the DIY’s that I like to do the most is to transform a piece of man clothing in to a woman’s garment. Simply because it’s always a challenge, but with a little imagination and patience the result is surprising.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how I transformed a classic pinstripe man blazer into a woman’s waistcoat with zippers for a rock touch. Find an out of fashion man blazer of your father, brother, boyfriend, friend …. or get it at a second-hand store and let’s get to work!

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DIY Fan coin purse

DIY fan coin purse anna·evers PLAN B Blog

This season we see the strong oriental trend coming back … I also wanted to join this trend … because I love it! I decided to do a DIY project for our coins with an asiatic touch.

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to sew a coin purse decorated with stitchings to create a fan effect with an oriental chic look!

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Tip: How to dye shoes

TIP DIY How to dye shoes. a n n a · e v e r s PLAN B

Would you like to change the color of the shoes you have in the bottom of your closet and not use because you are tired of their color?

In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to dye your shoes without having to spend a fortune sending them to be dyed. It’s simple and the result is great!

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